What is Art?? Its nothing but the creation by the humans and that will play with your emotions..

And the first Art ,I mean done by the human is Sex. DON'T GET embarrassed. It's just a common thing right..We are came into this world by having sex right..So,why the humans think bad about sex..

Sex can create a life or destroy the universe.

Just think about the emotions of the human.If your Watching a movie,and Suddenly nude scenes came and you just get embarrassed. Talk more about sex or the first art.Sex is the most important thing that human wants .Its an essential experience that humans want.Some humans are addicted to that..That's really cool and dangerous. It's not only about physical attraction or satisfaction, it's about our mental health or Situations. I will tell about the Sex ,I mean about the first art.

A beautiful rich man,popular in the society,he goes somewhere by the expensive car and then he suddenly sees a ugly girl in the road and then he attracts with that body of the girl and then he goes home ,thinking about her. Actually this means that he wants to have sex with that girl,He thought for one second. There is no boundaries or anything in the sex.

But many people think that sex is an taboo topic.

And What is Love and Lust??

For me, both are same ..

I mean,

I am seeing a girl and we are talking about everything and we share emotions and then we have sex right..

But after that, we have sex everytime.but Once Lust is Finished,then there is true love.

Lust is just a layer of love.

But it is different in prostitution, ya

In teenage, every body thinks about their own sex life,,Ok that Is normal.

But after your teenage, you will know the real meaning of sex.

People often go to the brothel are the who have problems In their life.They want some relaxation, so they are coming to the brothel.

Sex is actually an philosophical shit.By naked you can understand the human ,I think so..

I think, a proper sex can cure a Person's stress or Problems (a lot of stuffs). You can see a person's true behavior or personality when they are naked.

Once lust is finished ,you can find your soul..