Being yourself - This is a very common phrase we listen nowadays. Is it easy being yourself ? No it is not. In reality we all are expected to become like others.So, at times this becomes confusing.In certain circumstances we try to present ourselves as perfect individuals which actually could be our opposite. Like at the time of a job interview, or any other such type of formal meetings,we present us as perfect individuals to get the desired results.

These days everyone wants to socialize and connect with different peopleand in this world of socialization,people tend to be like others, who they admire. They try to become like others which is not good.Every individual has his or her own unique quality which they should take forward rather pretending to be someone else. All these days people are greatly influenced by social media and what they see there, the same they follow.

Also, when we talk about role models, we try to become exactly what they are and imitate everythingthey do but according to me this not the right way rather we should learn how they have evolved as an individual andhow they havedeveloped being what theyare now and then apply that learning practially adding your uniqueness with it, will be the best way.

Never portray youself who you are not. Everyone's personality contains a variety of aspects. However, you should never have to try to be someone you are not or go against your personal values or authentic self. As you can present that fake personality for a short period but in the long run you cannot fake everytime. You don’t have to do something just because that’s what your friends are doing. People respect those who are authentic to who they are. And you should appreciate yourself for making your desires the priority that they deserve to be.

Always respect who you are and never lose your own personality traits as they are your uniquenesswhich makes you different from others.

It is foolish trying to become someone else just to please others, as in the path of life many people will come and go but the constant people in your life are the ones you yourself and your well wishers , and these people will always stand by your side in any any situation . So, what matters the most is your honesty to yourself and if you are true and honest to yourself then no one can set back you. Never lose your identity .

You should always say to yourself that yes - I am enough no matter what. So in this ‘myself’ is the most suitable and loving .And rock being yourself.