Everyone loves food and almost every other person is a foodie. Almost all of us have experienced everything, right from street food to the food we eat in restaurant. But have you ever thought about the most expensive dishes served. There are a few places in India where they serve expensive dishes. This list includes a large variety of flavours and tastes. This makes it precious and unique. Some of the most expensive dishes served in India are as follows.

Gold plated dosa

Gold plated dosa sounds so fancy. This is a dosa with a gold plated layer. This layer is the layer of 24K gold. The rajbhog in Bengaluru serves you this expensive ‘sone ka dosa' on a silver platter. This unique dosa will cost you 1100 rupees per plate. It is a must try dish for a South Indian.

Pizza - qube

This pizza is worth an experience for all the foodies out there. It is served in the Leela palace in Delhi. This pizza is served with Grey Goose vodka and it has the most expensive lobster toppings. This may cost you 10,000 rupees but it is worth the experience. The chef will himself get you the pizza to your table. You may have never had such a delicious pizza with such a different combination.


Sushi is a very common and famous dish served in India. The amount of the sushi at the Taj Mahal hotel is exorbitant. But for the people who love sushi will readily pay for it. It will cost you an amount of 8,725 rupees.

Butter chicken of anaarkali

Butter chicken is so tempting that a person who eats non vegetarian food will love this dish. The most expensive butter chicken is served in anaarkali in Hyderabad. It is served in a borosil container and it uses spring water. A container of butter chicken might cost you approximately 8000 rupees. This dish is served with perfection.

Lamb, vetro

Lamb is a very expensive ingredient and so is the dish prepared from it. You can get the platter at vetro in Oberoi. If you are ready to spend a good amount for this dish, then Oberoi in Mumbai is the place to visit. It costs 4000 rupees to get one platter of lamb.

Peking duck

You will get the peking duck in the menu of The roseate in New Delhi. It is the most expensive dish they serve. It is a unique and expensive dish. It is also known for its lavish dining set up. You might have to pay approximately 5,200 rupees for the peking duck.



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Awesome to see all these foreign dishes mixed with classical Indian dishes served in style!
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So nice to know about the different varieties served in such lavish way. Amazing
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Dishes of Delhi are mouth watering