Men are usually considered to have strong physical strength than women. But in reality, men don't live longer. They are more likely to die five years earlier than women. As soon as we hear this, questions like why, how arises in our mind. The answers to these questions could be briefly cleared below.

Why men die earlier than women?

There are several reasons for men to die earlier than women. Some of them are

  • Men usually take bigger risks. They die earlier due to accidents especially through drunk and drive.

  • They do riskiest jobs such as military, fire service, navy, army etc.

  • Men have good physical strength than women, but they don't have mental strength. Soon men tend to be depressed and commit suicide more often.

  • Majority of the men are less socially connected to the environment

  • Men always pretend to be healthy and avoid visiting doctors. They also do not follow the instructions and tests given by the doctors. They just ignore it.

These reasons reduce the longevity of male.

Diseases that are increasing male mortality rates

Cardiovascular Disease

Atherosclerosis is caused in male naturally. It is nothing but blockage of artery that carries blood to the heart. This blockage arises due to high cholesterol, blood pressure. This blockage in serious cases turn as permanent blockage causing death in men.

How to avoid it?

  • Quit smoking

  • Do physical exercise daily for at least 30 minutes of duration.

  • Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet

  • Undergo cholesterol screening tests at the age of 25 and check for the same test every 5 years once.

  • Limit cholesterol food items from the age of 25.

Lung cancer

It is caused mainly due to tobacco smoking. At times, it might also be caused due to inhalation of smoke or due to passive smoking. It can't be detected early.


Cause for lung cancer: Source- DNA

How to avoid it?

  • Quit smoking

  • Avoid inhalation of smoke for longer duration

  • Adopt different ways to quit smoking for example if you urge to smoke divert your mind by gardening, spending time with family, playing with children

  • These give peace to the mind and ignores that smoking sensation

Prostate cancer

It is another reason for men mortality. Prostate is a small gland. It is located behind the penis that secretes important fluid for ejaculation. This cancer does not spread faster.

How to avoid it?

  • Visiting doctor regularly can help to detect the cancer earlier

  • Once it is detected earlier, it could be cured

  • Undergo prostate cancer screening after visiting the doctor.



Depression: Source- DNA

It affects the majority of men. Men fail to handle mental health. They soon broke down and suffer from depression. Mental and physical health are interlinked with one another. "A change in mental health obviously reflects in your physical health".

Due to depression, men suffer from lack of sleep, less appetite, and low energy in the body. The most important impact is " suicide".

How to avoid it?

  • Avoid sitting alone

  • Share your emotions and feelings to one person at least.

  • Don't overthink about your future which in turn results in depression

  • Stay connected with your family and friends

  • Don't feel lonely

  • Engage yourself in some work in order to find peace and relaxation

Erectile dysfunction

It is due to atherosclerosis. It is because of the weak blood vessel to the heart. It is a sign of heart disease.

How to avoid it?

  • Cholesterol foods should be avoided

  • Proper screening tests for cholesterol should be taken

  • Visit your doctor for a permanent cure for this disease

Cirrhosis of liver

It is mainly due to drinking. Whenever our liver gets damaged the natural capacity of the liver tends to repair itself on its own. Due to excess consumption of alcohol or injury leads to cirrhosis of the liver.


Cirrhosis of Liver: Source- Health Direct

How to avoid it?

  • Take a hepatitis vaccine by consulting your doctor

  • Stop the consumption of alcohol, if you have cirrhosis of liver.

  • Consume lots of vegetables and fruits

  • Maintain your body weight without entering into obese category

Men mortality rates in India


Men and Women Mortality rates: Source- CentreForDiseaseAndControlRegulation

Ways to increase male longevity

  • Avoid smoking- As it causes many health problems in men, it is a wise way to avoid smoking for a longer lifetime.

  • Visit your doctor periodically and take health tests whenever required.

  • Observe the changes in your health and act accordingly.

  • Stay socially connected to avoid depression, in turn, reducing the chances of suicide.

  • Have a plate full of colourful fruits and vegetables. It is mandatory to follow.


    Food for Men: Source- GoodFood

  • Avoid more fatty items as it causes cholesterol which might lead to atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunction.

  • Avoid drinking.

  • Physical and mental relaxation is mandatory for men's health.

Facts on men's health

  • Inactive men tend to suffer more likely due to depression than active men.

  • Men who sleep less than 5 hours are likely to get a heart attack. 6 to 7 hours of sleep reduces the risk of a heart attack.

  • Men can reduce 25% of heart attack risks by walking longer distances (more than 5 kilometres a day).

  • 12 teeth will be lost at the age of 72 for smoking men.

Testosterone rich foods


Testosterone Rich Foods: source- LifestyleDezine

These foods, health tips will help to reduce men mortality rates and also, they can be prevented from dying earlier than women.





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Praveen Shankar
Praveen Shankar