I have a hypothetical question for all the men out there!

Imagine you booked a cab for a 4 hour journey, it arrives and when you open the door, you see 6 women sitting inside, how would you feel?

The answer, some of you would feel ecstatic, some maybe irritated (highly unlikely) and at worst, a little uncomfortable.

Now, I found myself in a reverse situation today. I opened the cab door and boom, 6 men! You know what my first thoughts were?

Shitt! I don't even have a pepper spray, I should definately send the location to my sister, God! I should take the front seat, I'll keep my bag with me, Why is this person staring at me?, Hell! I should have taken another cab.

These were my first thoughts at 8a.m.

I looked over to my father, who was there to drop me, and I saw all these fears and more, evident on his face while he prayed for his daughter's safety.

You see the difference!

I was scared the entire journey, thankful for extra layers of clothing I had put on, constantly trying to keep a 2 inch distance from a stranger's leg, making plans of how to defend myself, and fearing the reality that I can not defend myself against 6 men.

(And I felt sorry for these men for being the subject of such thoughts even when they didn't do anything.)


But, don't you dare tell me, Not All Men.

Because there are enough men for our country to report rape cases everyday.

There are enough men for my mom to be worried about my short dresses.

And there are enough men for a girl to be cautious of her dignity and safety at 8a.m.

So, before you open your mouth to say, we've got equality already, shut it and look around because I sure as hell don't see any man, scared like this and believe me, you have no idea how frustrating it is to be scared all the time.

We, Women, don't deserve this.

(And mind you, these are a Girl's morning thoughts, definately something to think about.)