Passing clouds the best thing ever. It will take a round in everyone's life.It doesn't mean the clouds alone but it has a lot to do with life and people. Every one would have met at least one passing cloud in their life. People are treated as passing clouds as no one stays for long. Everyone has to leave someday or the other.

We don't meet people accidently, there is always a strong reason behind the people that we meet . Some stay with you for lifetime and some just make an entry in your life just to teach life lessons. Always make it worth spending some quality time with them because they are teaching you life lessons man. Don't waste the time that you spend with them, use that time for your personality development

There is always a sunshine behind the clouds. Clouds are always the prettiest thing on earth. You can visualize that beauty of clouds if you are an admirer of nature because people now a days don't have time to love themselves. Same goes in case of passing cloud each and every element in life is meant to be admired (cherish, enjoy whatever you call it). You will be able to enjoy life only when you start to accept things as it is and admire them without any expectations.

If the weather were just about the flow of air and changes in temperature, life would be easier for meteorologists, I suppose, and also much less interesting. It's the wet stuff that makes things chaotic.

All in all I'm trying to say is to accept the person with a smile on your face, because in the end it is an experience that you gain . If people think its worthy enough for them to walk away from your life then show them a way. Life is too short to compromise for things which you aren't happy at. Lets end it with a smile .