Appreciation is all about admiring the things / qualities of a person and praising the good things / special things about a person or anything. It is mostly a recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

Appreciation is an encouragement.

Appreciation is not only about praising the qualities or recognizing the work of individuals but it has lot to do with encouraging someone. If you are appreciating a person then make sure you do it in a positive way because that positive move of yours will encourage them in life todo more wonders

​Appreciation is a kind of motivation.

Apart from encouraging people to do more wonders it also keeps them moving ahead by motivating them as they feel motivated to do some extra and quality work. Everyone needs motivation in some or the other kind and getting it through appreciation is the best.

​Appreciation is a key to success

Success doesn't come that easy. It requires astrong belief in oneself and getting satisfied with the work they do. The best about this is they feel so blessed and overwhelmed when someone appreciates the work they do. Through encouragement, motivation, they can grab and enjoy success.

If someone does anything different appreciate it ! They write well? Confess it. Someone wishes you on your birthday or gives a compliment acknowledge it as people are so busy now-a-days even to wish someone on their special days. So if someone making an effort to make your day memorable then appreciate it ! the effort they put in and the care they shower!

Appreciating someoneis not a small thing as one thinks. It's the greatest favour one can do to others because that move of yours will make them move further and to that effect they keep trying things (to succeed at things ) as they feel that there isat least someone to look upon who appreciate their work.

Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered."