All the sectors in the universe have been giving birth to key emerging people for every generation. This list of favorite famous personalities is dynamic. Once considered the hero of a field they will eventually be surpassed by the next generation star person. Being a role model and person of inspiration for billions of people irrespective of variations in culture is not an easy spot.

Every such hero will have their own tough path behind reaching that place of fame and wealth. It is never justice to compare two top personalities of the same genre. For example, Dhoni was considered the Best Mr.Cool Captain India but it has nothing to be compared with current captaincy of Virat Kohli or past captaincy of Sourav Ganguly. As commoners, they are humans too who differ from each other in every aspect.

Anirudh Ravichander

Anirudh Ravichander is one such idol who reached pinnacle of fame and success at a very young age. He became a music director at the age of 21 in the Kollywood industry. His debutant movie album song 'Why this Kolaveri di' took over the internet by storm and bought him international fame and fan-followers. His first movie was 3 for which in spite of his record breaking song, he received lot of negative criticisms.

It is just luck, Blind hit and second movie won't be the same is what Anirudh had to hear even before he could enjoy his first ever success. It was a rough phase for him with mixed comments to gain the maturity to handle such situations.

On the bright side, he was recognized widely in his first movie itself for his talent and the variations he showed in the single album of 3. He won Best Find of the Year after his first movie in various award functions.

Neither his personal life controversies which he had as a youngster nor the blindfold negative criticisms affected his extravagant success. All those negative incidents made him more matured in handling success.

Starting from 2011 it was an epic growth for Anirudh's musical journey. He gained millions of die-hard fans within a short span of time.

Anirudh's songs have been record breaking and chartbusters at every single album launch across various platforms

*Anirudh's Music Studio in Chennai- Albuquerque

Anirudh's music genre

The composer, singer and instrumentalist is well praised for his use of various instruments and types of music into his songs. He is a music director who never fears to try new genres and still excel in it. Anirudh has been the trendsetter for this generation music.

Anirudh is known for composing song by catching the pulse of youth generation.

Even his folk and peppy songs have a melody touch in it which is his strength. Anirudh has it all covered- be it melody songs, folk songs to make any age crowd shake their legs, sad songs to be secluded from the world and cheerful fresh songs to make your day.

Anirudh's continuous album success and staying as the King of social media when it comes to songs is the perfect response he has been giving to all the haters out there.

Few immature stereotyped people commented that Anirudh came from the family of cinema background so it was easy to attain this height and songs do not like those from the previous directors. But it is not limited with him; many top personalities have faced more similar or even worst criticisms. For all those people out there celebrities have answered through their statistical victories.

Right from the start of his musical journey he has faced major comparisons from people who have not been able to accept the changing musical trend.

Bands of Anirudh Ravichander

Anirudh has been a part of bands before entering the Tamil film industry. He was working in various short films and performed at various college fests before he had his major breakthrough.

  • He started learning piano from the age of 3 and became a composer at the age of 10

  • He was the instrumentalist and vocalist of the school band Zinx which was a carnatic fusion band

  • During his college days at Loyola Anirudh was part of the rock band named Circuit


Anirudh has held more than 15 concerts over 10 countries in the world. Some of the locations where he had solo concerts were Paris, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and Dubai.

Career facts

Apart from being the voice behind many songs from his own composition, Anirudh has sung numerous songs for other music directors too without charging anything.

  • From 2011-present Anirudh has sung more than 110 songs approximately overall in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu

  • He has worked in 24 movies over the span of 8 years

  • Anirudh is the only current generation music director to have worked for all leading actors in the Kollywood industry

  • He has scored for Superstar Rajini, Kamal Haasan, Vijay, Surya, Ajith, Vikram, Vijay Sethupathi, Dhanush, Sivakarthikeyan in Tamil film industry

  • He debuted in Telugu for Pawan Kalyan's movie then worked for actor Nani's movie Jersey and has composing for next Jr.NTR's movie in Tollywood

  • Anirudh works only with maximum 4 films in a year. He considers working with few films a year with complete involvement is major than scoring for more films just for increasing net worth

Anirudh has conveyed that he will not be working more number films for a year in spite of pouring in offers for the past peak years

Independent albums

Anirudh has been the face of various promotional video songs for movies and also acted in few commercial advertisements.

  • He has been more involved with trying independent music like western culture and collaborated with international music producers.

  • Anirudh has given platform to lot of independent artists from social media platforms in his movies and introduced various top singers in Tamil industry (Yo Yo Honey Singh, Aadhi from Hip Hop Tamizha, Arjun Kanungo, Jonita Gandhi)

Awards & Accolades

Right from the first time he entered the industry Anirudh started to receive awards and recognitions. One victory might be blind hit but not the unbreakable record sales Anirudh has given throughout the 8 years he has been having in this music industry.

  • Anirudh has received more than 40 awards and recognitions for over 24 movies where he was the primary music director and singer

  • He was chosen and awarded as the Most Desirable Men 2018 & Most Desirable Men 2019 continuously by Times of India. He was the first person from the music industry to have been voted as the winner. Previously the list of winners consisted of actors only

Respecting every personality for their talent and admiring them beyond fixed mindset is what gives hope for upcoming idols.

Rockstar Anirudh is heart-throb of millions for a reason !