Finding our passion amidst living upto societal expectations is trivial. Living our dream life with fullest acceptance of hardships on its way, is what makes our life meaningful.

  • Striving for what we desire to pursue from the beginning is one type

  • While on the other hand, half of us live a life full of regrets just to fit in the society

  • In between these both borders, there is another type. Half-way to living our routine life a strike on the head to let us know what the hell are we doing here ?

We have seen lot of people for the first two categories among us, while the third one remains unique. Few people fight the odds to promptly build totally varied path from the ones they have travelled so far. Many have chosen this journey across various fields. But this is an article about someone who made India proud after 17 years in fashion industry.

Manushi Chhillar

One such person to make it to the beauty pageant contest while pursuing her MBBS was Manushi Chhillar. She became the 6th woman in India to win the Miss World title in 2017. Her beauty pageant journey did not start long before her medical college fest.

She was one of the finalists of beauty pageant competition of All India Medical Sciences in 2016. In 2017 April she went on participate in fbb Miss Haryana contest and won the title which eventually led her to take part and win the fbb Miss India 2017 title.

Beauty with a purpose

Manushi won the Beauty with a Purpose sub-contest in Miss World 2017. Her project for Beauty with a Purpose contest was Project Sakthi. Chhillar's motive for the whole campaign was to spread menstrual awareness.

She did not stop with on-stage speeches. After winning the title and returning to India, she underwent complete practice of what she preached. Manushi's hygiene campaign involved visiting 25+ villages and treating 5000 women for the same cause. Along with her Miss World Team, Manushi successfully accomplished her campaign.

Some of Manushi Chhillar's key deeds during the reign of Miss World:

  • $2.8 million (18 crore rupees) was allocated by government for her Project Sakthi

  • Combined with various NGOs to produce low cost sanitary napkins and make it available in rural reach

  • As a part of this campaign Haryana government delivered free sanitary napkins to every government school girls

  • Participated in various honoring events to raise donations for people affected due to natural calamities, medical and other causes

  • Created an awareness program in Brazil to fight against leprosy

  • Participated in the Charity Gala organized by APAE that works for the welfare of children suffering from Down Syndrome

  • Took part in the 3km walk on May 28, 2018 in Delhi streets for creating awareness of World Menstrual Hygiene Day

While the industry was completely differed from her academic field, Miss Manushi Chhillar chose to balance the chaotic situation. The diversification did not affect either of her careers. As she gave her downright involvement in the responsibility she chose to carry.

Complete what you started with utmost acceptance and efforts !