Hi dad!! I am emotionally angry with you, why you went out of my life without even saying “Good Bye”. I had dreams for us when I receive my first salary. I know your body health is shrinking but you waited for me to see before you leave. May I make one request to you! I am just a small girl with lots of dreams. I can't handle things alone, please be with me and prove your presence. I miss our long drive,

I miss your smile when I laugh,

I miss my lovely morning with you holding my legs to please yesterday's fight,

I miss our night travel,

I miss my hot food that hangs in your vehicle returning from work,

I miss your life hacks tips,

I miss your feeling of eating my left out food,

I miss your scent,

I miss your unstoppable forward messages.

Thanks for making my life brighter. After helping lots of families financially and achieved what I dreamed of. Life will go very smoothly with a cute family and your memories.

One day life will give me an end card. I believe that I’ll meet you in heaven.

~~I see cloudy snows hiding my legs. Plenty of stars hiding the sky, Flowers blowing in the air.

I saw my father long away from me. I ran fast to him and hugged him and said “ Daddy I made it”.

For the whole day, I explained my endless stories, and pointing to one street food I said “I'll eat this daily before I go to my hostel”. My father smiled and said, “ I know sweety I watch you daily”. I showed one girl and said: “ daddy I helped her father financially when her father is admitted to hospital.~~



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Vinayak  •  2y  •  Reply
It is one of the most hauntingly beautiful thing I've read.
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Zoeblake  •  2y  •  Reply
Your Fillings are really strong and your heart is really such pure pond.
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Akshara V. B  •  2y  •  Reply
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Dhivya Balachandran  •  3y  •  Reply
Those words put me in tears love... Thanks reallyy:)-
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Akshara V. B  •  3y  •  Reply
I'm grateful for your comment. Thanks for such love ❤️
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Ds Naina  •  3y  •  Reply
Cathartic and relatable ❤️. Thank you for writing such beautiful words.
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Akshara V. B  •  3y  •  Reply
Thanks for your lovable words