Women’S And Mensus Are Synonymous To Each Other!! Its 2020 & Menstruation Is Still A Taboo

Kajal Singh
Sep 06, 2020   •  6 views

Now you have grown up, get out of these books and understand the responsibilities, where are you going, those days are going on, sit at home, oh don't be ashamed to go to the elders of the house in those days, don't go to the kitchen, you stay at home, we will go to the temple, you are not supposed to go school in those days, see now your clothes got stained, what people will be saying , put clothes, what is the need of sanitary napkins. Girls during their menstruation cycle are compelled to live with exception society has made for them, to follow norms and myths.

In an era of strong dialogues on the empowerment of women and smashing patriarchy; menstruation cycle is still a Taboo, where some part of society is stuck at.

We have reached in Year 2020, but even today, 2 out of 10 girls in the country are forced to listen many such things in their menses. Why?

After the release of the Padman movie, many people in the country, including the stars, took pads in their hands and made many motivational posts, to create awareness around the topic, we are still lagging behind, both in terms of shedding the stigma surrounding menstruation, as well as creating awareness about menstrual hygiene.

Many take the name of awareness and cleanliness, pads have been distributed to women, daughters and girls, but what about the 5 days they deal with them during their menstruation cycle? Even though the first day of the menses is full of happiness, but this happiness is just one day, after that girls become untouchable, and as long as they have the capacity to become mothers, they remain untouchable. Why does the blood running in their body become the cause of their shame? It is not an understandable thing to believe, that menses are not stigma but a moment of confidence in the life of a woman and every girl has a right.

Leave the topic of equality for a while; here women are still fighting to live with dignity, for not being treated as unclean and dirty during their menstruation.

When will we get rid of such regressive mindset and when their outlook will change?

I feel that this led many of us to resent our period; something that came naturally to our bodies. We felt ashamed and cautious, even to carry a spare pad in our bags, wrapping it in newspapers or black plastic bags.

No girl should have to feel ashamed of menstruating. That red stain on her uniform, that spare pad she carries in her bag, they shouldn’t dimish her confidence. It is not enough to worship her as Durga and Kali during Navratri, you must accept her physiology too. So the next time you hear the word menstruation, don’t feel alarmed or uncomfortable, talk about it openly, and teach young girls and boys to do the same.

The country needs awareness not the padman. So don’t be shy and accept it whole heartedly. As women’s and mensus are complementary to each other.