Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures created by god on earth.

There are very few ones who are not fascinated by its beauty.


We as humans also carry the same beauty inside us.It is just that some of us are able to discover it…some of us are still discovering whereas many of us are even not aware about it!!

All of us got that sparkling shine within us but few of us can perceive and value it.

Human brain is no less than a Caged Butterfly


It has got its beauty but we let it grow within limits

A quite few of us have realised its beauty that how this brain has connected us with this beautiful world.

It is it's beauty only that we are able to get a glimpse of this beautiful earth.

Many of us never let it fly the way it wants

But if we do so we can spot,discover and make our living place a heaven…


And being gifted with the beauty,we should remember that the dusk and dawn are not same because sun shines for itself where moon borrows its sparkle.


So,shine for yourself

Be the spark of your life!!



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Rashida Amber  •  3y  •  Reply
Sarita ...you depicted vry nicely...well written too..god bless