Stress is the body and minds reaction to new situations and problems . The body turns up the metabolism with a burst of energy and then braces to react . Stress always causes damage . The damage is either psychological or physical when the body’s reaction don’t match the situation .

During stress the nervous system reacts with chemical releases , harmonies prepare the brain for action as it draws more oxygen , muscles tighten , the heart beats harder and breathing accelerates. The body also suppresses the immune , excretory and reproductive systems .

Stress is normal reaction that comes from our evolutionary past . Stress nowadays gets triggered too often by emotions , simple problems and situation that pose no threat . Stress is slowly killing ourselves. A return to a normal state is drawn out when stress becomes routine , for example – with job and family problems . Stress does not easily leaves , and in time health deteriorates. Constant stress leads to headaches , sleeping problems and back and stomach pain . It can sometimes also lead to life treating diseases, existing conditions worsen as the immune system weakens , mood disorders become more common and daily living suffers .

Some people choose wrong method to deal with the stress . Using drugs , tobacco and alcohol is a poor way to get relief and they more often add to stress . This starts affecting personal and work relationships and lead to long term stress . The most common effect of excessive stress is high blood pressure that leads to heart disease over time .

When stress seems overwhelming or unmanageable, there are solutions . If stress is dominating your lifestyle, it’s time to reach out . Stress can be realised by one of the common method that is nurturing and maintain social contacts can help you cope. Family relationships give outlet to frustrating life dilemmas , and friends can also be a source of support .

Some people release their stress by costing Mandir, church or other community organisations, which give them path to insight and relief . Paying attention to good health helps the body resilience and maintain mental hygiene makes stress episodes shorter lived .

Meditation and exercise have proven to be good stress reducers as well . Incorporating more physical activity in daily living can be as simple as taking walks . Regular meditation is a very good way to settle the mind and help you remain calm in situations that usually cause a lot of stress .

Emotional maturity is about knowing yourself and how you should react to stress . We all have to take on some stress , it’s important to know when to avoid a bad situation . So , that means take the first step and focous on examining what are the sources of your stress . Sometimes you need to change bad relationships or situations.

Stress can be removed by changing the perspective of our thinking . How you internalize and view personal stress has consequences and your perception of Amy situation creates positive and negative emotions . Knowing what you can change and when stress is appropriate , can help keep your life in your hands.