8 Red Flags In A Toxic Relationship

Jinny Rana
Mar 18, 2019   •  496 views

Most of us will have had at least one significant relationship in our lives. The initial stages of a relationship are invariably some of the happiest moments you can have. But before you turn in a committed relationship, it’s essential to identify yourself in every manner. Keeping your wittiness about you in the early stages of a relationship means being aware of red flags or something isn’t right. If one out there, you’re happy with your partner you may not see twice about any of them, but it appears hurt to know about a few commoners so they are at least on your space.

A red flag is an image to help you process what you’re feeling and need to work on. And indicators that something requires to have questioned or otherwise put the green light, here are eight red flags to look out for:

1. Lack of communication:
Generally, individuals find it difficult to talk about issues or express how they feel when it seems to be most important to be open and honest. They distance themselves leaving their partners hanging.

2. Irresponsible and Immature:
Some people have trouble taking care of themselves, holding onto jobs, dealing with their space and planning for their future. These people may still work on growing up and so it may be hard to rely on them for anything.

3. Lack of trust:
When a person experiences difficulty being honest with himself or herself, it may seem hard for us to be honest with them as well. However, a person who holds themselves for their actions lacks integrity and respect for their partner. You may feel there are “missing pieces”, hidden from you.

4. Controlling behaviour:
A partner may undertake to “divide and conquer” between you and other people in your life. They may feel the need to control you, maybe jealous of your relationship with your surrounding people. However, they make you accept them over others as an expression of “love”.

5. Feeling insecure in a relationship:
You may usually felt uncomfortable, uncertain or anxious about where you stand in a relationship. As a result, you work double to maintain the relationship on track while your partner contributes almost little or nothing.

6. A secretive past:
Suspectful behaviour, addictive and illegal activities that have not settled yet are obvious red flags in any relationship. One shouldn't neglect anything that drives you as strange. Otherwise, if an individual has done corrective work and goes on doing so for the good of a relationship is a rare story.

7. Family and friends don’t relate to your partner:
If there is something “off” about the opposite partner, it sounds obvious to those who know you well. Often, hearing criticism about your new relationship or “beloved” may not agree, but at the least others may look at things clear from an outside perspective.

8. Abusive behaviour:
Finally, any form of abuse, verbal, emotional, psychological and physical - is not just a red flag but a reminder telling you to get out and never look back.



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