A quiet and calm person is usually the one who observes and wonders the most. It is just in his/her general nature to mingle less and think more. These overthinking minds at times realise things about life, mostly truths which people generally don’t even get to, even after giving a lot of thought. Though when they share their thoughts, they are the most relatable ones. One such thought that touched many hearts and made many people realise something very important about life goes something like:

Losing your love is okay.

Losing your best friend is okay.

But losing yourself is not okay in the process of getting them back to you.

Value yourself, you are important.

Where this seems very selfish and not at all appropriate, it is something that has become very important in today’s world. These days most people are self-centred (not a bad thing for oneself, but surely doesn’t make people around them very happy) and unfortunately, to be happy in the company of these people, you also need to be self-centred.

You certainly just cannot control everything that happens in your life, but accepting the changes is something that will take you through all those small and big storms that come your way. People change, their attitude changes, their choices and preferences change and you certainly don’t have any control over either of these. This is where you have to give more importance to yourself. Instead of giving all you have to make things better for them or for your relation with that person, just give up on them and work on making things better for you.

As it is most commonly said, true love is very difficult to find. Not only in your partner but also in your best friend. Many of those you love, might leave. Even if they won’t leave, they just might not be who they were, they might be busy. This is where most of you become weak and change yourself, your habits and your nature to suit the ones you love. You lose your value, your image in your own eyes. It is okay to do so till an extent that the other person understands and appreciates what you are doing for him/her and puts in equal efforts to make you happy and strong through this all. Though it is a very well observed fact that anyone who loves you, won’t ever let you lose yourself.

Just choose wisely, choose the extent of your change and the person you are changing for.