Today's century constitutes of technology,countless gadgets, trending machines and we humans are highly devoted to these eletronic gadgets.The way a magnet and iron attract each other,and its hard to repel.Similarly,humans are attracted to these gadgets and get distracted.A toddler tinkering with a tablet,teens locked in their room tied to computers and adults buried in their phones.The constant use of technology in all three generations is very normalized.It prompts us to develop addiction to technology and leaves long-lasting affects on our lives.

The use of technology is not so problematic but crossing that fine blurring boundary is pretty dangerous.Generally people think themselves not to be sociophobic but their life revolves around gadgets.The fondness of mobile-video games,chilling adventures on Netflix,scrolling social media,sharing profiles on tinder,having business communication on Linkedin and posting every hour of your life on snapchat.Wait.Are you living this life willingly or technology has made you its own servant ?

It brings to us many problems and develop a technology threshold but we cant resist.Today,where 'health is wealth',we create a sedentary lifestyle for ourselves.Fitness paves a way for healthy life but spending more time on gadgets and screen spoils it.Wearing spex or to put on lenses is not a part of any fashion but weak vision by spending more hours with cellphone.Technology lessens the social interactions and weakens your connections.Social development is not the result of social media but more engaging with masses and real faces.

With the growing level of stress,mental disorders and anxiety-issues,a detox from technology can be helpful.A willing action to reduce the use of technology.Give yourself a short-time break and take wiser decisions to make your lifestyle better.Dont cut or reduce but try to replace it.If you reduce using social media,try to meet your friends or go out for a walk or window-shopping.Try to indulge yourself in social development activities that improves your concentration level.Be proactive and stay firm on your decision.Prepare a to-do list,some rules and stick to them.Feel yourself lucky to stay away from unwanted people and gadgets that lessens your potential to do something great.

Believe me,it will stop your anxiety and stress problems.You will find more time for yourself,family and friends.A true feeling of happiness would dwell in your heart.More time with yourself will make you strong,help in taking wiser decisions and improve your overall personality.Begin with a small change and feel the positive change in your life.



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