What is karma?
Well, recently I am getting text messages and memes which states “ We have caged different animals in zoo for years and now, it’s our turn. Nature has caged us in our own homes.” Therefore, karma is “Tit-For-Tat” here. However, it is known that, presently, we are going through a national crisis where, we are suggested to stay back home for the betterment of the nation and its people. It may be called a healing process and also a precautionary measure against the disease COVID-19. 
Staying back home is just a suggested step forward for protecting the mankind and nature at the same time. If we strictly follow what are known from the study, it would imply that every 100 years, there is likely to be an epidemic as a result of which a large number of people would die and maybe , this is how Mother Earth would heal herself from the growing irregularities.  “Karma” cannot explain the scientific reasons and provide explanation to the entire scenario, but it can correlate the concept of “Nature’s Healing Process” when the irregularities and voluntariness of  people have gone to its extreme level. I am not taking any side of any hypothetical theory or a scientific one. However, I am just choosing to open my eyes, judge and understand the pain of Mother Earth. I truly believe that the ways suggested by our professionals, scientists can definitely save the mankind and also give time to nature for healing. 

Why am I focusing on “healing”? 

This is so, because, staying back home of different professionals have reduced  the pollution being created everyday to nature. People are just running after money and a lavish lifestyle which is a human created oasis. Moreover, the greed and money have blinded people so much that even the farmers are also selling their lands used for growing crops to ones who would destroy the land and use it for making new complexes.  Haven’t you still opened your eyes? This Virus, has compelled the mankind, “to stop the global warming for 2-3 months” and as a result, Nature is taking time to heal herself from the despotism done to her. 

Therefore, I would like to request my readers to  use power and money to a certain limit and not to harm the environment even after getting back to mainstream lifestyle, even after the virus is destroyed completely. I am requesting such because, we may do what we want to do to nature, but when the nature would start to do what she wants to do, then it would not only stop you from going outside but also may push you to starve and death.  



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Well thought out 👍
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Thank you 😊