Let’S Break These Weird Stereotypes Regarding Ladies..

Kajal Singh
Oct 01, 2020   •  31 views

To my right, is somebody with long hair and a pink shirt whereas my left is somebody in a very crew cut, carrying a blue jersey, easy to determine their genders. Easy!  Pink is for “she” on my right and jersey ofcourse for “he” only on my left. These are stereotypes – a preset image of however the two genders ought to present themselves.

Barbies square measure for ladies whereas boys play with cars. women wear pink and boys “must” like blue. These are the initial stereotypes instilled into the minds of youngsters. As they get older and therefore the world around them complicates, the conventions become stronger.

Women pull one another down

Kajol Srinivasan, a famed Mumbai-based comedian, said that the majority people believe ladies hate other ladies. However, let’s keep in mind that it had been a bunch of ladies, facing abuse on the bus started the Montgomery Bus Boycott dating back to 1955.  The struggle for voting rights for ladies in most countries has been an all-women struggle. the fact is, ladies along are capable of making change.

Women don’t know how to drive

Author, Sonia Bahl, says that ladies are usually deemed as dangerous drivers and claims, “some of the most effective drivers i do know happen to be women”. are BankBazaar, ladies square measure better drivers than men in most countries within the world. Usually|this can be} as a result of except for having a better level of tolerance. Ladies drivers tend to abide by the rules more often.

Neil D’Silva, a popular Indian author, said, “Women gossip a lot.” He went on to mention, ” It continuously puzzles me because, trust me, we have a tendency to men gossip even as much. Even about other men behind their backs”. Men or ladies, everyone gossips as a result of this can be basic human nature. However, it feels nice to listen to this from a man himself!

We bleed because of “Karma”

A user pointed that the weirdest stereotype they need come upon is, “people feel that the physiological method of menses is due to the fate of women”. To that another user responded saying, “Men are born too solely because ladies bleed”.

Menstruation could be a biological process and is as natural as respiration, then why do folks believe that it's one thing we “suffer” from due to our karma?

Women don't seem to be fast decision-makers

“Women cannot build fast decisions, that they like men, who take hold and tell them what to try and do, which they all wish to become mothers”. it's a indisputable fact that ladies do have aspirations, dreams and skilled goals and that they are capable of creating knowledgeable choices, and there's nothing wrong in desirous to become mothers.

Fangirls And Not Sports Lovers

Priyanka Agarwal, a freelance author said it's a belief that “We [women] like to shop and get ready for hours, watch cricket just for cricketers and aren’t sturdy enough to open tight doors or boxes”. Girls too, rather like boys, follow a sport for the only real reason that they're fascinated by the sport, not only for the players. Also, girls have conquered not simply the Mt. Everest but set foot on Moon too thus let’s not say they're not strong enough.

Rapes? Dresses are to be blamed

Rekha spoke regarding however ladies are themselves reasoned for rapes. She pointed, “Their clothes are the reason for rape/sexual assault.” Stopping girls/women from wearing what they wish to, is solely victim blaming and justifies the perpetrator’s actions.

We like Romance novels

A lot of individuals conjointly found out that women like better to read and write solely “candy floss pink chewing gum romance books”. From the most effective classic novelists like Austen and Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf to agatha christie writing the most effective mystery novels and to JK Rowling giving us the Harry Potter series ladies have proven that they’re capable of acing any genre.

A user, Supriya Kabra responded with a listing of stereotypes that ladies ought to “abide by”.

These gender stereotypes attack the self-esteem of ladies and may be done away with. Quoting nancy Kress, “A stereotype is also negative or positive, however even positive stereotypes present two problems: they're cliches, and that they present a human being as straightforward easy and uniform than any person actually is.”

We are all completely different and similar in our own ways that and every one of us should embrace these variations.