LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and Transgender faces many legal and social difficulties that are not experienced by non–LGBT. In large cities, for over a decade LGBT has experienced more tolerance and acceptance in India. There are many families in India, who consider homosexuality as shameful. The rural people still continue with the discrimination, where the LGBT people face many rejections from their families and are forced to marry opposite sexes. To be very clear sexual activity between the same genders is legal. On 6th September 2018, the Supreme Court of India decriminalized Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code as unconstitutional. It is the British that made homosexuality criminalized, otherwise homosexuality was never considered as a criminal offence by the Indians.

What is homosexuality?

This term can be defined as the persons who are sexually and emotionally attracted to the same sex persons. The persons with same-sex orientation are known as homosexuality and the persons associated with this orientation are known as homosexuals. Homosexuals are of both sexes that are they can be male-male and female-female. The actual reasons for such type of behaviour are not known. The studies have found that the reasons can be psychological, biological or both.

Biological reasons: the scientists have said that one is born with a particular quality of genes. It can be considered as a natural phenomenon. But we cannot conclude that this happens only because of biological reasons.

Socio and psychological factors: the socio-cultural environment affects the development of a child in a number of ways. One’s reaction and action both will depend on the family members and friend circle as well. It can be said that psychological factors play a very important role in choosing their partners.

Choosing of the partner- whether of the same sex and different sex is as natural as choosing their dresses, food and lifestyle.

Discrimination against homosexuality:

Discrimination against homosexuals is faced in different places and in different ways. They face many problems and discrimination only because their sexual orientation is different from others. These things can be considered as natural but our society is a very complex place to live in. on the one hand, we are the most modern societies with liberal thoughts, on the other hand, we are the most conservative people in the world. We are either afraid of or avoid facing the so-called taboo beliefs such as pre-marital sexual relationship, live- in relationship, inter-caste or inter-religion marriages. Homosexuality comes under this. The discriminations against the homosexuals are common in India. This begins from the homes as their own family members treat them badly and at times make fun of them. They are ashamed to take them in any social gatherings.

Apart from all these, the most important single step in eliminating the stigma over LGBT people is to decriminalize section 377 of the IPC so that they could have a normal regular life like others and avail their basic human rights without harassment or discrimination. Hopefully, our lawmakers would soon listen to their rightful plea and make necessary changes in the law.



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