Problem: Does "Entrepreneurship" Land Indian Students Jobless?

Harsh Mishra
Aug 06, 2019   •  127 views

Nearly 8,00,0000 Indian graduates of engineering are produced in a year and the reason there is the large scale of unemployment, as there are 60% of people go jobless stated by all india council of technical education. As people go jobless in India the GDP is not growing with that there no growth in jobs. India is considered as the country with the youngest population among another economy, so job creation is important for the country.

"The only problem is not a shortage in jobs but in employability as well among the students who directions themselves towards the job market, as they have fewer skills in the respective domain."

In the respective scenario, do these young entrepreneurs achieve their output of creating jobs with upgrading there skills? A Bangalore startup village collective (Sv.Co) thought of creating first learning platforms. It was supporting nearly thousand of students startups. The ratio stands to create three jobs a day. Presently, 200 students are part of this organization, which include alumni of various year's.

A student who is part of it get running job experience to improve their skills that helps them in the market. The various things started by SV.CO to create jobs in support of student entrepreneur and remove unemployment from our country.

  • Changing With Change In Technology

Everything we see around us is all connected through the internet. The advancement in technologies enhances the new technologies to old technologies. The only way to be consistent in the market is to keep on upgrading as per the needs of the market and driving themselves to further industrial prospects.

The tradition is to be the part of the engineering college and learn about advancement in technology and become updated quickly so fast is not possible in any other way. The best way to learn about newly found technology is to work for them and building a startup.

"As India need upcoming generation youths to act like risk-takers and to build up a path out of their own. It's easy for engineering student to start a venture as he has gained great industrial exposure with knowledge and skills. This helps to decide the path of being an entrepreneur easily and get highly placed."
  • Practice your skills

Mission to focus on building a great atmosphere as well as the healthy one to build up the startups according to there interest. There are various platforms that help student and allow them to form a team and work accordingly. In his long run students develops a vision and are highly creative, loyal and compassionate towards there vision.

Training is Gaining

The proper guidance and perfect methodology to train students towards there aim are highly recommended. As most of them usually get diverted with the leisure of society. The maximum engagement is noticed at 11 night when students focus on their thinking without any distractions.

"Some students are focused on active learning where they follow 20 per cent of theory and 80 per cent practical knowledge."

The modern learning of students is to learn through videos lectures and working over small projects. Set little targets for themselves. The innovative level-based approach helps in targeting oneself. Creating a prototype, finding a potential customer to buy them and then looking for a market with that figuring the proportional value. This helps in gaining skills and completing the task on time.

  • Failing is Scaling

Failures always teach something it's not like that if you get failed in anything you'll stop working just try harder work hard two times more you do,set target for yourself and work to aim that by crossing all the obstacles.

The support one should be provided is to fetch new ideas and dive into the ocean of ideas and build a prototype. If you easily identify the products lagging state you can easily get through anything and get ready to face the real world.

These things make students gain skill set, knowledge and experience. It helps in getting miles ahead of another student.

  • Upskilling technical skills for industry purpose.

The proper learning program and then working over it is on three tracks i.e. engineering, product, and design. The various targets help to specialise and build up a design. The skilled student as per the requirements of the industry is highly demanded in the market. Else if you are a scholar with no skills, recruiters don't higher. Practice in the correct format to maintain the proper working atmosphere.



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