Privacy is what any individual would be so possessive about. No matter how much we share with others, at the end of the day, we do need to have some moment with our own self that makes us evolve and also helps in self- evaluation. We never approve of people who try to meddle with our privacy so give a thought about people who get constantly disturbed at any time of the day and these people are the celebrities all over the world.

Celebs, be it from any field, are always under the radar of media even at odd times like early morning or at very late night. It is understandable that media does its job and collects all the juicy gossips as well as happenings but maybe the criteria should be changed at some level and try to be a little more considerate towards these people.

Yes, they are public people but they are no extraordinary beings, even they want to have their own moments of privacy and also their own little secrets that obviously they do not want the whole world to know but we people do not comprehend this as we are so intrigued about all the happenings in their life (maybe, more than the events of our own lives). The poor thing is these celebs cannot even oppose this kind of intruding as they themselves signed for it and with all the glory, they have to face such repercussions and they lose all of their “private life” and thus always have to be in the eyes of people. But don’t you thing that human emotions is above all the duties of any job and this is what connects every human being to each other, ultimately making us solicitous to other’s feelings as well. That is why I think one should definitely give all the regards to his work but that does not mean that the same person forgets all ties of human emotions.

Whoever is reading this article may begetting conflicted by his thoughts about how the media just does its job and they do it so properly that they do not care what time of the day it is, they just fulfil what their jobs demand out of them. If this is what you are thinking then try to keep yourself at any of the popular celeb’s place and think if you would be able to get any peace of mind. You would not even be allowed to go for a small walk in a park or to a restaurant to eat food with your family, without having someone to follow you. Tough, right? How would you reciprocate to all these things?

I feel a little private moment with your own self as well as with your close ones is very important. It gives a sense of peace to the mind and acts like watering to beautiful bonds, be it with yourself or with any close person and this is why, I think media should give it a rest sometimes and let the people live freely once in a while.