Have you ever felt of making your important work pending and doing the things which are least important? This is what we call procrastination. It is just a name given to avoiding things.

Procrastination is something can even destroy you completely or may uplift you but only when come to know about it at the right time. It is actually the weird feeling of dumbness that makes you do the least important things right then ins place of your important work. It makes you do things in your comfort zone and thus stops you from growing. Also, in procrastination, you get a habit of doing last-minute work which may improve your time management skills but will definitely not work at all stages. Sometimes you really need to prepare for things earlier and last-minute tricks won't work always.

"Anything that needs to be cured can only be done after knowing its causes".

So, here are some of the common causes, their adverse effects and some ways through which you can avoid procrastination:

Fear of failure

It is one of the biggest cause of procrastination. "Fear of failing in the future make you down in present". You lose faith and confidence in yourself and don't even try to achieve that thing even if it is under your potential. You also don't try anything new and stays in your comfort zone.

You assume results before trying. If you are not trying anything new due to this reason ina particular field, it may affect your mind in other fields too. It may take you the blowing opportunities and you will be the same as you are not growing thus you are not learning something new.

Procastination makes easier things harder.

Excessive perfectionism

It's rightly said :

"Excessive of everything is harmful".

In starting anything new mistakes can be committed very easily but can be done right too if realized at the initial stage. Your habit of getting everything right may make you comfortable in a particular work and you may not try new things at all. This is one main reason for procrastination. This can actually ruin your career as excessive perfectionism may take you to dangerous levels of perfection and in this condition, you forget the fact that no one is perfect, but you still can do anything to be perfect but eventually are not improving yourself at all. It can mentally harm you if not curbed at the right time.

Low energy levels

Proper diet and energy are required to start something new. Low energy levels may sometime affect you deeply and you may not even realize the fact. Laziness is the main cause of being procrastinated as you keep avoiding things regularly which makes you dumb and lowers your self-esteem when you are not able to compete with others due to your low knowledge and physical strength.

Lack of focus

Procrastination is also due to distractions which may waste your time and ending you with nothing. Focus is always needed in anything you do whether following your passion, learning new activities, playing, or even sleeping because when a lot of things go in your mind you can't even sleep properly.

It may not seem to get over with procrastination for us but it may be challenging for those who suffer. But what can't be done if you decide to do?

Firstly, set a time table for doing every day to day work including your studies of you are a student or working time if you are a worker. Seeing time table and doing things may sound weird but it's a great motivation for them who don't actually do their things on time and makes them pending. Even normal people can do this, as it will automatically segregate their work and they can do all the things in their best ways.

Secondly, reward yourself at a particular interval of time to make yourself happy and feel energetic to do more things with the increased energy and concentration. These rewards can be anything of your choice, eating your favorite food once a week if you are on dieting or taking an off to the gym once a month or maybe enjoying with your family and friends if you're a workaholic.

Also, don't try to be perfect and just do the things according to you. This may take time for the person who is facing procrastination to believe that doing things on time is much important than doing things perfectly and increasing their time span unnecessary.

You believe it or not but in today's world every person is procrastinated by one or the other thing. Many overcome from it and many just ruin their life without any cause. Just do it now, sometimes later becomes never.

"A person's change for the better is the best chance for a person to be perfect".



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Thank you so much it means a lot 😍
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Wow beautifully written.
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I think fear of failure is the biggest reason for procastination
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Checked. Well done Harshita 🌸
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