Being organised means taking care of things and keeping it clutter-free. Things, when kept, organised makes our daily life simplified and stress-free.

Organisation and segregation of things make our day to day work easier and helps in better management.

"Management" the term feels heavy and gives an impression that it's difficult. But in reality, it's way more easy and simple. Management means planning and organising.

Doesn't it happen that most of the times you don't find things you need, even when it's in your room or house?

Why does it happen?

The sole reason is that we didn't keep in the same place from where we took it or moreover we never specified any place for it.

Often there are things in our cupboards which we don't need or use and these things just pile up. Decluttering is the key to solve this problem.

Just empty your cupboard and segregate things you need or use and discard those you don't use anymore. Discarding may be in the form of donation where your useless things will be a fortune for the needy.

Now, just some tips to organise your things:

  • Declutter the things

  • Label and segregate things based on the frequency of use

  • Keep your things in separate baskets or trays and apply labels on them, they are widely available online or in your local stores.

  • Keep small things and accessories in little boxes in your drawers. This will save your time to look for them.

  • Clean your office or school bags which you use daily as they get stuffed with unnecessary items with time.

  • Assign a place to each and every item. This may take time to do initially but trust me once done will save your time every day.

Searching little things is stressful every time, isn't it?

  • Write down things you need to do on the day in a small diary and carry it with you. You can also note on your phone. But the old school method is much more effective.

  • Make a time table to complete your studies and stick to it. In students life this is crucial.

  • When to need to do something, make yourself time-bound. Not completing in time gives us stressful and takes our concentration. Whereas completion of the task makes us feel energetic and motivated.

Organization of things is halfway, we should be organized as a person as well. Be it thoughts or work everything should plan and not procrastinate. Procrastination is the main reason for a stressful life. Routine in daily life makes us discipline and reflects in personality.

Managed and the organised person makes a good impression and is always effective.

When these things are implemented in daily life, our overall productivity increases. We grow as a person and become successful in achieving our goals.

Few things you may need for organizing:

  1. Plastic Baskets and trays

  2. Sticky notes and a diary

  3. Markers and pen

  4. Cardboard boxes

  5. Cello Tapes and pins

  6. Memopad and notepads

  7. Small table clock.

And a lot of time the first day, but it's worth it.

Happy organising.