5 Ways To Get An Improved Lifestyle

Harshita Garg
Jul 03, 2019   •  67 views

"A small change in lifestyle can make a big change in life."

5 of the changes that if are done can make your life better and this is done through improved lifestyles changes as :

A walk before the first meal and after the last meal

Having a good walk in a day will definitely not benefit you. It's a long term process that gives it results slowly but surely. Daily 30 minutes walking can do wonders on your body, heart, and mind. It increases heart health and reduces the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases. Apart from contribution in weight loss daily walking regulates blood pressure, strengths bones and helps in good digestion. Also, if you have friends with you can also play basketball, badminton or any sports of your choice. It has the same impact as that of walking. We don't realize how much we run while playing which is extremely essential for our overall development.

Healthy eating

If you specifically concentrated for weight loss then you must have known that in addition to physical activity, a healthy diet is also very important. Including the foods with low calories and high nutrients like fruits, green and leafy vegetables, curd, flavored drinks rather than cold drinks and alcohol, and less of junk food like fried and baked foods and beverages. Healthy food makes your brain healthier and makes the body more energetic. This actually keeps you in a good mood and obviously helps in weight loss.

Set small goals

Whatever you do whether it is starting with a healthier lifestyle or working on your building your career, setting small short-time goals actually plays a very important role in fulfilling them.

For example, you can't be walking all day and then sleeping all the next day. You have to take time for everything every day. For walking or physical exercise, start your journey by setting small goals of 20 minutes walking and then slowly increasing it to 30, 50 and the hour every day. For starting with healthier food, start with small meals and don't stop taking the junk food in a go, it will be going only for a day or two, rather slowly keep decreasing there quantity. This method also applies to life goals were keeping small agendas for you and rewarding yourself after achieving will definitely make you confident enough to continue energetically.


Unless you accept your flaws you never be able to work on them.

Before starting anything new, you have to believe and accept this fact that no one is perfect and eventually no one can be perfect. You have to work just to make your own life healthier and happier in the way you want. Accept yourself as you are and firstly reward yourself for all your good qualities and then improve the ones that are not good enough according to you, not according to anyone else. After that, you have accepted yourself you can work on yourself to get a fit, healthier body, mind and heart and building your career according to your choice.

Don't look at others, look at yourself

In everything you do, your attitude matters a lot. As you are starting something new, you will find many people already doing that for years. Don't try to match them and build yourself according to your capability and strength. Many people will definitely try to make you down be it in the gym, college, school, office, or career. But you don't have to listen to their talks and ignore them as much as you can and what you have to do is concentrate on your goals.

Starting something new is actually not easy that it sounds and as you are starting a new habit, you may get encountered with many failures but as you know " Failure is a beginning of a new journey ". Keep practicing and trying your level best and the most important be happy in whatever you do.

"Don't just stay motivated, be motivating".



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