A few years ago (16th and 17th century) it was an age of scientific exploration. Then came the age of computers and space technology (the 20th century) .What is the present age about?

Competition, being ‘one up’ is now the basic reality of life.

The whole world seems to be rushingsomewhere. To get most out of life, you need not only a healthy mind but also a healthy body.Eating healthy food is important, but making sure you take enough vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, among other nutrients is vital to maintaining a good health!

Exercise daily to enhance your levels of energy. Energy level indicates the stamina of a person. It helps people to accomplish tasks, pursue their hobbies and achieve their goals. Energy is your basic needfor success and happiness, your energy level is an index of your total health.

It is a fact that" health is wealth". You must form healthy habits from the start, it will help you to have more energyand enjoy a better quality of life. You will age gracefully and live longer.

The four ways you can take changeof your health are :

Diet, Exercise, Forms of Exercise and Relaxation.


Some rules to follow for a balanced diet with fixed times for eating a meal

1.Maintain a fixed time for meals.

Try taking your meals at a fixed time. This helps in properabsorptionand digestion of food. It also ensures that you extract maximum energy from food.

2.Have more number of small meals.

Do not load your stomach with a heavy meal at one time. It is much easier for our system to absorb more number of smaller meals than one or two heavier ones.

3.Start the day with a good nourishing breakfast whichhas plenty of protein, it will help you – potatoes, fruits like apple, papaya, banana etc. – and remain energetic. Avoid fast food as they have more sodium content that causes water absorption in the body that causes increase in blood volume.

  • have plenty of water as it helps in removing toxic and waste materials from your body.drinking plenty of water can help prevent and relieve constipation and headaches.


Exercise is both relaxing and energizing. Find your own best time for exercising.For most of us exercisingin the morning or afternoon guaranteesday-time energy. Exercise also plays a significant role in reducing stress and recovering from depression.

Why exercise

1.Exercise enhances stamina.

2.It improves overall resistance to diseases.

3.It enhances brain functioning.

4.It acts as a stress reliever.

5.It enhances alertness and improves your performance in work, sports and studies.

6.It helps you to relax and sleep well.


Relaxation can improve overall well being by improving your mood, decreasing stress and boosting your immune system. It improves your self-esteem and builds up your enthusiasm for work.

If you are physically fit, your mental abilities will also sharpen. You will become emotionally and socially healthy.Get involved in activities that make you happy and soothe your senses. Work in fresh air as far as possible. Keep proper ventilation where you live, play or work.