My favourite thing to do in free time is to watch movies. Movies not only entertain us but we get to learn so many things from it andfrom its every character. The things which we can do for improvement, things we can avoid and so many life lessons we can learn from a movie.

So, yesterday I watched Perfume movie. I had heard a lot about that movie. The movie is indeed a great piece of art, but apart from that there were so many things which I got to learn from it.

It is a story set in 18th century and portraits the life of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille living in France. The movie focuses on his special sense of the smell and his journey of finding the best and perfect scent.

Grenouille had got this great skill of the smell. Despite of living in the worst conditions, he started working on his skill. So the first lesson is to focus on what you have got instead of what you have lost. He wanted to create the world’s best perfume to take the control over all the people he hated. He kept learning in order to achieve his goal.

He was able to recognize things just by smelling it from distance. But in this process he realized that he does not have his own smell which means he has lost himself. Yet he kept working. He did so many immoral and brutal things for achieving what he wanted.

Grenouille became successful and finally he had what he always wanted. Even after achieving the biggest dream in his life, he was not satisfied. There was still something missing for him. Because he did not love himself. He always had that feeling of not having any smell on his own body.

He sacrificed everything for the art and finally achieved what he wanted. So if we have passion of doing something then we should give our best for doing it instead of wasting that art. Let the best come out of you. But another lesson to learn is not to achieve those dreams using evil or unethical way. Because even if you achieve it after using those ways, it would be of no use as it would not give you the satisfaction.

At the end Grenouille got what he wanted but people enamoured him and worshiped him for what he had and it wasn’t for him. That’s why it was of no use whatever he had achieved.

So the essence of the story is, in the process of achieving somethings don’t lose yourself and don’t forget to love yourself.