Its all aboutwhat the cleanest city of India brought to us, the great wall,which stands between the needy and altruistic people. Here where the Good Samaritans lean over toplace things so that the impecunious people can taste the requisite.

Located: Allithurai Road near Mahatma Gandhi Memorial hospital, Trichy

Civilians of Rockfort City are much more happier after the establishment of this wall and they received it so well. People also takes this as an wonderful opportunity to do something good. They also feel like instead of dumping something reusable in the trash ,for example, Clothes,toys,vessels, blankets,footwear and so on,they placing it here so that someone might be feel useful can have the fun of it. Almost 20,000 people have benefited from this godlike wall last year,happy about it, but the real success of this wall is ,its always filled with lovable gifted and you can't see it empty, which implies many minds has been inflated.

Scarceness is a dangerous disease andit can be cured by the joy of giving

Apart from giving , many deprived children see this wall as a Titan and they getting their one of basic needs (clothes) often. Due to the well reception of this, corporation of the cleanest city of Tamil Nadu, have founded one more in the city.

Placed at : close to the Srirangam Government Hospital and iconic Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Special Kudos to Trichy City Corporation for implementing this innovation and which made to smile the underprivileged.

Fun is not only in holding something ,perhaps giving to someone persuades to feel the eternity.

This act became an inception of"SharingOfLove", Lets spread the wall everywhere.
The Wall Stands Tall