Today's lifestyle is very busy and super fast. Hectic lifestyle drains our energy . To recharge ourselves regularly , we need to find out new and better way of doing things everywhere. Generation of useful ideas is the need for the hour.

Self motivation is needed to create something new. Relevant knowledge , thinking skills , interest , appreciation or rewards etc are also the facilitators of creative ideas .

Household items must be organised and unwanted things must be disposed periodically. It enables us to keep an eye on all the items in our house and also to keep it tidy. Hence, it gives a clear picture and helps us to plan for the next purchase or to do creative decors at home.

Pleasant and vibrant colors stimulate our mood . Wall paintings, cotton curtains , doors , sofa covers , screens can be selected in our favourite colours and patterns.

When house is maintained like a museum , it causes boredom and makes us sickening. Items must be arranged in a unusual ways in the Showcase . Wall hangings (with inspirational quotes etc) must be displayed differently .

Arrangement of Furnitures , books in shelves must be changed very often. This makes us to look at things in different perspective or point of view and refocus on them.It also leads to sharpen our memory skills and to bring out new ideas.

Many creative people are also foodies…Favourite wall papers can be sticked on to the kitchen wall. Kitchen items can be selected in attractive designs , colours etc and designed

with creative art items to inspire us to try out mouth watering creative recipes .

Making time to refresh replenishes the energy to do many creative things forever!

Fragrant liquid soaps , hair products , expensive bathroom accessories etc can provide a spa like experience. Their aroma lingers in your mind and creates a magical experience.

Yoga , aerobic exercises , physical workouts, amazing music , listening to devoltional bajans etc can increase the blood flow to the brain and lead to creative imagination.Powerful or soothing music can excite our senses and focusses our energy towards a new endeavour.

Even if the outdoor space is only a compact balcony, take time to make it a relaxing retreat. A special chair and a potted plant or hanging ones can dress up even the most plain of exteriors. Adding plants give a better quality of air circulation around us and makes us feel fully energetic.

If you are interested in pets (or the creatures in your yard) be a source of creative inspiration. They make the home lively . Showing love and care to them makes you feel relaxed .It gives you a good feeling and uplifts your mood.

"Post - it" stickers can be used to note down the creative ideas that strike our mind , at different times of the day.

The final words...

The creative ideas can be reviewed and finalised after discussing with the family members . Ideas can be generated either in an unstructured way (anyone can say an idea at any time) or structure (going round the table, allowing people to pass if they have no new ideas).

It is important that they are checked for their feasibility . Creativity starts at home. That’s why it’s important to know what kinds of things can be done around the house to get our discoveries happen.