Once my friend asked me, ‘‘Does life exist on other planets too?’ I thought for a while then I asked him another question that Does he think life exists on planet Earth?…

In my opinion, ‘‘Having a normal nerve count and heartbeats don't decide that you are living’’. It's when you are having a pure soul (which will exist even after your death), then you are actually living a pure life. Nowadays every person is filled with greed and jealousy and there are very few who does good with good people, and even better with bad ones. People don't think about others and only wants their own mental peace. They do things which satisfy their inner soul without thinking about others that it might heart someone's emotions. Please avoid hurting others emotions just for your own sake of pleasure.

Love – A feeling, used only as a word to show off than to feel its presence in your heart, and it’s the present scenario of this world for many people. Everyone has their definition of ‘‘True Love’’ which might be more of a physical than that to be felt by the heart. They don't understand the beauty of love but goes on the meaning. It's the best feeling in the world.

If a person truly loves you then he will never love your physical appearance but will love your soul and heart. Each and Everything on this earth will die and lose its existence but your ‘‘SOUL’’ will live forever. Loving the soul of another person never makes you weak because of neither your love for him or her decreases nor hers. When you love the body, it perishes over time but the soul increases its beauty over time.

Many people are very happy in love because they never tried to appraise the outer beauty but always admired the inner beauty of the heart. They never want to lose their love so by loving the soul of the person, they make their love live forever.

You should also develop a feeling within yourself to love the soul of the other person, not the outer looks and before looking for the love try to respect the person because love coming along with the respect is going to remain with you for a longer period of time.

Everyone must ask themselves only a single question that ‘‘Why they want to live or spend some time with a particular person? Just because he/she has a beautiful face or a beautiful heart?…………. YOU WILL GET THE ANSWER!



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Oscar Upegui  •  3y  •  Reply
Is soul the same of of spirit
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Hardik Pathak  •  3y  •  Reply
I think soul and spirit are two different things and we are made up of total 3 things i.e. soul, spirit and body. The presence of all these 3 makes a human being complete.
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R.Manoj Aiyer  •  5y  •  Reply
Hi Bro Nice article
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Hardik Pathak  •  3y  •  Reply
Thanks brother