Farewell Is Always A New Beginning

Gunjan Thadani
Apr 20, 2019   •  39 views

Farewell is a good bye! And saying good bye is always hard. It is not easy to leave behind a place where you have been for years, learnt so much, made true friends, memories. It’s like saying good bye to some good habits of yours.

“It is a difficult thing but there are times when moving on with your life starts with a good bye.”

Wasn’t it a good habit of ours to go to school each day, though we always went their crying but when it was time to leave we cried. We had so much fun at our 10th farewell we always thought it will never be an end. We will come visit our school every time, we will meet our teachers, study in the same college as our friends, but destiny had different plans. We got into different streams; different college and finally a new journey begin. If we wouldn’t have said farewell to the school life, how could our college life begin.

Again it became a habit to go to college, keep nick names of teachers, bunk classes with friends to hang out. Then time passed by quickly and we passed our 12th. It was about to say farewell to the college and join a new college. We still felt bad and decided to study in the same college. Again destiny had different plans. We went to different college’s some of our friends met us and studies with us and rest of them went in different directions. Again we said good bye, enjoyed the farewell party and started a new journey in which we met some new friends, made memories. And the journey went on. Having to have started a new journey in your life you have to say farewell to an old journey. You cannot be on 2 trains at the same time. You have to leave one train to be on another.

“Every story has an end but in life every end has a new beginning.”
It is definitely difficult to say good bye but why to be sad, memories will always be with us, we will definitely miss the good times spend with friends, but one day the journey has to end their so that we can achieve what is ahead of us.

Today I closed the door to the past, open the door to the future. Took a deep breath, step on through and started a new chapter in my life.”



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