School Life : Treasure Of Memories

Bhumika Sharma
May 29, 2019   •  105 views
We went in crying and came out crying, days were different and so were the circumstances but the emotions were same…. I don’t want to go

This is the story of everyone’s school life. On the first day we cry because we are just four and don’t want to leave our parents. We feel that they are leaving us in a new place where we have to deal with hundreds of new faces and with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes we say bye to our parents.Our teacher takes us to our class. We are scared, with thousands of emotions running in our mind. When we enter the class for the first time: we are sacred on one hand and bit excited on the other.

There is always fear in our minds that we are not with our parents and we feel bad about it. Our teachers know how to handle us and they become like our second mothers. All other students are sailing in the same boat because they are undergoing the same phase as we are.

Then we interact with each other and make new friends. We start a new phase of life with others playing and working together for 3 to 4 hours a day. We fight, we play, and we learn together, building a feeling of togetherness.

Spending 3 years in the primary wing, we enter in middle and then high School. We see a drastic change in ourselves as well as in our perspective. People change, behaviour changeand our lives change. We start to experience new stuff, try to explore and learn new things, interact more, make more new friends and do new things. Friends become an important part of our lives. We sit together ,do gossips, chat, play , make fun of others , go out, bunk classes, do funny things in class ,get punishments, run in corridors, do water fights,do anything to have a games period, playing pen fights and other games while teacher was teaching, sharing notes, copying in exams, meeting friends after every period, fear of exams and what not.The list of activities that we do in our school life is endless. We create thousands of memories with our friends and we enjoy then. We always cherish them.

One of the sad parts of school life is selection of streams after tenth as all our friends have different dreams. All of us select different streams and are we are separated from from eachother.The last 2 years bring a lot of new friends in our lives and they become our life lines.

Friendship might fade away but the memories don’t. From the bottom of our hearts we always wished that school should end as quickly as possible and we should proceed to college life. But the real heartbreak occurs when we come across the last day of school. Eyes full of tears, hearts full of memories; we exit the place with a farewell and by scribbling our feeling on friends shirts, with a hope that we will always be in touch.

All this brings an end to our school life. The time we entered, to the time we are leaving. We create lots and lots of memories every year. We miss our classroom, the canteens, crazy class parties, birthday parties and each and every moment we spend in that building with our fellow mates and teachers. But alas school life ends. We remember school life once we move out of school. The only thing we want is to live those fun days again, but we can’t……

Tears in our eyes are same, reasons are different



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Bhumika Sharma  •  4y  •  Reply
Thank u soo much.....
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Khushi B  •  4y  •  Reply
So beautifully written.
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Charu Bhaskar  •  4y  •  Reply
Yes. School life is a golden era of the life of most of such people who really had mixed feelings and experiences of those days. Today there are quite good and friendly relationship between guru and pupils up to greater extent as compared to the days we had in our school. Very well summarised the golden age of one's life.
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Gopal Krishan Lakhanpal  •  4y  •  Reply
The write up not only reminds me of my school days but also of a very popular song of those days - कोई लौटा दे मेरे बीते हुए दिन - Knowing fully well that that is not possible.