Encouragement Lies In Few Words Of Appreciation

Gunjan Thadani
Apr 20, 2019   •  32 views

We all need some encouragement in life. There are times when punishment doesn’t help you to motivate and encourage but appreciation does. Sometimes knowing our capability we neglect it, we focus on things we messed up and not how we can correct it. So we need right guidance and appreciation words to get us in the right direction.

We often say student who have written an exam that you did well even if we know that their paper didn’t went good enough. So why do we say it? We say it because we know that they worked hard for the examination, they are even capable to do good, they have the knowledge but they didn’t study the right question or something might have not struck their mind during the examination so they couldn’t do well in the test. So we try to encourage them that they did well or they did a great job, just so that they don’t get demotivated if they did one test bad. They always have a chance to prove themselves but all they need is encouragement and they can do wonders the next time. But what is they are not appreciated they are blamed for ruining the test? Student tend to panic, regret and try all the means whether it is right or wrong to pass the next test or just lose motivation and run away from the situation.

Do you feel good after being appreciated for your good work? We all strive hard, improve ourselves and learn from our mistakes to be better, to be perfect and to achieve some words of appreciation for our good work. But don’t you get tired after constantly trying hard to achieve something but you still fail and you are disappointed in yourself just because you couldn’t do well and be appreciated.

Even at the time of grief, pain, mistake and imperfection you can gain strength and move forward just some words of appreciation are required to encourage that help you to continue moving forward.



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