Difference Among Pessimistic, Optimistic And A Realistic Person

Gunjan Thadani
Apr 20, 2019   •  34 views

“The pessimistic complains about the wind, the optimistic expects it to change, the realist adjusts the sails.” William Arthur Ward

Pessimistic Person
Pessimistic person is one who has turned himself to see the negative side of the world, or rather observer the darker side of the world. It might be to protect them or to avoid stepping into the wrong way in life.

It is said we always have two ways after we suffer from a bad experience after we suffer from a bad experience is to learn from and either to see the good about the situation and to pass it away without being bothered about it or to be careful about it and remember it all your life and never to let it happen again. Second option is what a pessimistic person chooses.

Pessimistic people are often hard to convince and they are habitual of overthinking about a situation or a decision, they might end up losing few things in life because of it. They don’t easily trust anyone so they are often left being a loner due to this they tend to hurt themselves less further in life from outsiders but suffers internally due to depression, loneliness, self-hatred and many more.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity.”

Optimistic Person
Optimistic people are one who see the beauty in everything. They see the brighter side in life. They are stronger since they learnt to let go to forgive people in life and having to forgive and let go is only possible who have a strong heart. It is nature to resist to take revenge if anyone hurts you but forgiving is not comes naturally, that is something found in stronger people who have suffered looses to a great extreme.

“An optimistic person can take rain and turn it into rainbows, they can take something painful and make it beautiful.”

Optimistic people have a positive aura around them that spread positive vibes to people around them that help people to be happy around them.

Optimistic person likes to live in the moment, enjoy every breath and are always smiling, no matter how hard times they are going through they won’t let smile fade out from their face and from people around them. They are grateful of every small thing that they have in life.

“An Optimist see the opportunity in every difficulty.”
Realistic Person
A realistic person is someone who view a situation as it is without any manipulation or their own opinions added to it. If a rumour is being spread around pessimistic person will add the bad he feels in it from his own opinion and then pass it on, whereas an optimistic person will see the good side of the rumour and then pass it on but a realist will pass it on as they heard it without adding their own opinion.

“Being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity.”
Realistic person are clear headed, ground to earth, patient and a clam person. They carefully and calmly observe the situation and the only react to it. They are usually people who suffer the least, they are introvert and non-judgemental people. Their vision are clear and have a great sense of perception.