The shaping process in our lives is not an easy road. Jesus never promised days of Sunshine, He said there would be storms but He made a promise to never leave us.

This GOD you serve is your CREATOR, your POTTER, dont you think He knows what's best? Don't you think He sees each tear you shed, the pain in your heart? YES He does.

Maybe in life we might have our questions as to why is GOD letting this happen? Isn't He in control of my situation? We think He doesn't care anymore. But in that period of silence, He is working out something that is BEST for you. Its the human nature to question GOD, but THIS GOD you serve gives you the pressures in life only to make you STRONG, to shape your life to have HIS characteristics in you.

The process is hard but its worth the wait, dont lose hope and remember, every second He watches over your life and holds your hand even when you dont feel His presence.

The potter who shapes you is making SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL in your life and He never gives you more than you can handle.

He will give you His Strength and His hand to hold on, but the question is ARE YOU WILLING TO HOLD HIS HAND AND WALK YOUR LIFE?

He will surely make SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL in your life.

Just like the clay that goes through a painful process of shaping, but in the end has a beautiful appearance. JUST HOLD ON TO JESUS AND TRUST HIM. HE NEVER MAKES A MISTAKE.



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Beautifully written ♥️