We live in a world of change.To cooperate with the changes around we need to be adaptable. This adaptability is what makes us survive in this evil taken world. We deal with so much of crowd around us. Some are real and some are not. And those who are not are called as imposters. Imposters are those people who behave as one they are not. These types of people are not distinguishable. You will never know with whom you are dealing with. The point is it is good or bad to deal with such people? The people who change with the surrounding? The people who have been blending themselves to situations? Such questions do not go against them.

Those people have been around, knowing everybody but we do not know who they really are! And in this situation no one is to be trusted, who is your friend and who is your foe? None apart inside, they appear to you in a form you need to see someone at that moment but who knows what faces you will see later! Smoothly they mask their faces under our need of the hour and then it’s stabbing behind the back. When they are back to you with all sweet tooth and make you wonder if that was your mistake perhaps ,you should be aware of what is going on and give back to them with ,”Oh dear, did your knife got hurt because of my back?” and make them know about their exposure.

A lot of such encounters are dealt each day. They might be your own friend or any near dear. Being disguised is commonly acceptable but when you become an imposter, you lose yourself. It is like you do not have any identity of your own, you keep changing your face according to the match of the situation. Then who you really are?

Imperfections are the part of life and it is okay if you are imperfect, it does mean you keep changing your opinions to be perfect.“Ruled imperfections, should they be lured?Well, I did and yes I’m cured! But ‘could be’ moments are of future time, where probability dominates our dreamy sight.”So much of sight and yet no vision but may it be the burning land from hell or pouring rain from heaven we are left with same blurriness in front of our eyes.

Everything around us has a span,

The Nothingness sufferer,unlike poor or grand!

Stats warts can be counted on no more,

Causes states, the inward looking souls are from core.

Not to spoil, but relations to mend,

Is this why so much they blend?

Sweet and promising, they seem,

Assures to fulfill every dream.

Open to every sort of form,

But a lie, heaving within a storm.

Are the opinion exposure, a fear?

And, is this why they are not real?

I see them, makes me wonder,

Near, dear and in every corner.

Good can cause, having a monster,

But oh dear, beware of imposters!