Hello everybody!! Hope you are enjoying my articles. Here is another one for you.

In today's world, competition is at its peak. Everyone wants to grab every opportunity they get in their way and make it big in the world. But there are some people who do not do this. These people are those who are stopped by the biggest question in their minds.


What if I freeze on stage? What if I do not remember my lines? What if my presentention does not work on the big day? What if people laugh about my language and style? What if I stumble in front of everyone? What if I don't get selected? What if? What if? What if?

This question has stopped thousands of people from making it big or even dream of making it big in this world. They lose hope,feel inferior and do not even attempt to do something in life. These people become machines in companies and only work to earn a living. They do not want to get into competitions or even attempt for a participation certificate. They do not even attempt to grab an opportunity which is perfect for them.

You might see in your work place itself. There might be a really good singer who only hums while doing accounts. There might be a dancer who shakes a leg on the way to deliver files to her colleague. There might be a chef who tells that his mom cooked it for lunch and shares it with you. There might be an artist who draws the most beautiful girl on the backside of her file(school memories:)) during a meeting.

These are the people who miss out on opportunities only because of this question.

What if?

People need to understand that everyone is competing today and not caring about what they are doing.

So people who are restricting themselves because of this question, stop thinking. Grab every opportunity you can get, no matter you succeed or fail. Just give it your best shot. If you succeed, you succeed otherwise you have had the best experience you can learn from.

Stop thinking, start grabbing.





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This is a wonderful piece 👌
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Thank you :)
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Loved it. From Kashish(wrytin).
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Thank you :)