7 Best Android File Explorer Apps, File Browsers, And File Managers

Aarti Nandrekar
Nov 11, 2021   •  16 views

I like file managers because they allow me to organize almost everything in my storage spaces. And even if you're not really organized. You'll sometimes need to move files around.While some Android devices come with a simple file manager app that allows you to share and manage files. File manager apps can do so much more.

1.File Manager+ 

It is by File Manager + is a versatile free file explorer with a user-friendly interface. Files and directories, cloud storage, and network-attached storage can all be managed with it (NAS).

You can browse, open, navigate folders, copy, paste, remove, decompress, download, bookmark, rename, pass, and organize files while working with them.

2.Mi File Manager 

Mi File Manager is a free and stable file explorer that allows you to manage, search, and share files. It's Xiaomi's own file manager software, built to be attractive, simple to use, and compatible with a variety of audio, video, and document formats.

Image compression, Mi Drop for file sharing with mates without having to link to the Internet, 

and massive search are only a few of the features that stand out.

3.Files by Google

Google Files is a free file storage software that can help you free up space by making cleaning suggestions, locate files faster, share files offline, and back up files to the cloud. It has a beautiful user interface with well-segmented areas for specific management functions, as one would expect from a Google product.

4.Cx File Explorer

It  is a file management program. Cx File Explorer has a modern user interface, support for a variety of cloud storage services, support for storage servers like SMB, FTB, and so on. Also all of the basic file operations. It's totally open, and the user interface is ad-free and built with usability in mind. As if that weren't enough! It also includes a dashboard for visualizing the storage analysis of your computer.

5.File Commander

It is a program that allows you to manage File Commander is a free versatile file manager software with a clean and intuitive user interface for managing files on your Android devices, network locations, or cloud storage. A safe vault, disk analyzer, recycling bin, file converter, and 5GB of free MobiDrive storage are among the highlights (free cloud storage platform).

6.Moto File Manager

It is a program that allows you to manage your files effectively. Motorola's custom file explorer software, Moto File Manager, allows users to manage files quickly and easily. It supports a variety of file operations, including copying, moving, renaming, and decompressing zip files. One key transfer, a feature that enables users to transfer all media files from the device's internal memory to an external SD card, is one of its standout features.

7.Explorer Solid

Solid Explorer is a lovely file explorer app that is reminiscent of old-school file commander apps. Its key features include easy file management in a dual-pane interface, tight encryption, file management on NAS or cloud storage, and batch operations.

Solid is a stable alternative to ES File Explorer for those who are familiar with it.