The Most Protective & Classy Phone Covers For Iphone 11

Andrew Martin
Apr 23, 2020   •  0 views

Last year in September, Apple launched its new iPhone in the continuation of the series, which is iPhone 11. Having quite jaw-dropping features, it completely stood out and made its mark in the market of technology and gadgets. With its wide and ultra wide camera which allows you to capture whatever you like in the best environment possible, it became quite a talk of the town and a lot of people also happened to buy the iPhone 11. But, only buying the phone worth grands is not enough till the time you actually plan to keep it accessorised so that it stays safe and as new as ever. But, who wants boring phone cases? No one, right!

So, we bring to you the most amazing, charming and good-looking phone covers for your new iPhone 11 having some great features and specifications which makes us stand out and be the best in the business. 


Fabric case for iPhone 11: Knitted to perfection, iPhone 11 fabric cases are soft, comfortable and hugs your phone from all corners and edges, giving it a more classy look and a firm grip while you hold it in your hands.

Silicon case for iPhone 11: Having some top-notch features from durability to comfortable feel and good looks, silicon cases are perfect to give the extra grip, smooth installation and provide you the improved functionality of the device. 

Matte case for iPhone 11: The flexibility and the drop protection features of the iPhone 11 matte case makes it more versatile and a hit amongst the users.


Key features of our phone cases:

  1. Precise cut-outs: The cut-outs in all our phone cases have been made very precisely keeping the easy customer usage and neatness in the mind. The even cut-outs on the sides of the volume buttons, the speaker or the charging point, makes sure of each and every port and switch of the phone for the best user experience. 

  2. Scratch proof: No matter how careful you become while handling your phone, your phone will fall off if the phone cover is flimsy. But, with our cases, it’s the other way round. The phone covers have been tested a multiple times before actually bringing it to you preventing the phone and the phone cover from unintentional scratches.

  3. Slim fit: Nobody wants unnecessary bulk in their pockets and eventually makes it look and feel more heavy, which is why our phone cases are extremely sleek and classy that they refrain from adding any extra bulk in your pockets.

  4. Wireless charging: The covers have been designed such a way that they do not stop you from wireless charging whenever you want.

  5. Superior grip: The phone covers are so easy and comfortable to hold because of the superior grip on all our phone cases, which as well makes it very easy for you to take out your phone from your pockets and also put it back.

  6. High quality material: The phone covers have been made with such top-notch quality that they look classy and different from all the other phone cases in the market.

  7. Multi-layering: All our phone cases have been multi-layered with extra leather at the back and shock absorber polypropylene on the inside which actually makes our covers stand out.

  8. Huge variety: We provide you with a huge variety of phone cases to choose from, that it brings something or the other for everyone and will not disappoint you ever, for sure.

  9. Effective protection: The phone cover hugs the phone like a glove giving it that extra security to prevent it from scratching even while drop offs.

  10. Best Designs: The look of your phone describes what kind of a person you are. So, you better leave a good impression with your phone case as it will talk on your behalf. Having a huge number of designs and styles, we will never fail to impress you with what you are looking for.

KSSShop brings you the phone covers which are better than any other in the market to provide you with the best experience with a huge variety to choose from. Their feel, design and look is as amazing as ever that once you have it, you will never go back from it.