Hello everybody!! Hope everyone are doing well. I'm sure all of us are waiting for the D-Day when we can get out and get on with our lives and everything is back to normal. Well, I know that we all are at out homes not stuck but safe and healthy. I have always written long articles. No points, no separation, just one long paragraph with good intervals,what do they call it 🤔🤔, AN ESSAY!!.

Well today, I am going against the tide and breaking all the things I want to tell into points. Properly marked and all crisp not that crisp 😜). People make videos on it, I'll write an article. Kuch different ho jaye!! (Maggi sauce 🤣). Shall we begin???





Let's go!!

THOUGHTS DURING A LOCKDOWN(I don't know how many will come out, just going with the flow).


Everyone were going on and about on how stressful their life is. Office, meetings, studies, deadlines and the list goes on and on. This was the scenario about a month and half ago. We were all waiting for a break. And suddenly this bombshell. STAY AT HOME!! LOCKDOWN!! 21 DAYS!! 1 MONTH!! Well somehow luck is in our favour and our life has slowed down for a bit now. Well, my point, take ample rest, as much as you can. Because, if luck has favoured us this much, it can be unfavourable too. I know there is work from home, online classes, online meetings, etc going on but yeah take time off. Off of this busy schedule even at home. I told you luck can be unfavourable too, once we are out of this lockdown Mania, the world is going to get really busy. Literal Hectic and Busy. So fast, that we would wish that we had taken enough rest. So take rest. Who knows whether you will get this time back or not🤷 🤷.


I know I have already mentioned rest earlier but this is different. There are people who will feel stressed and tensed even when they have time at home to take rest. We'll, I am talking about everybody!! All the work we have to do at home, for office, study for exams and attend meetings and classes online. We get stressed even when there is nothing. So enjoy the time you have. It is not only about taking rest but also enjoying it. Feel the excitement of doing nothing (barring those who do that everyday including me 😜). But yeah, enjoy the time you have.


Ramayana is being aired again, the happiness we had when we heard the news of it. All our childhood shows which we enjoyed a lot are back. Nostalgic right? Well it should, after the evolution of social media, we have forgotten to sit in front of our TV and laugh for hours and hours. I know Smart TV has come into picture, but that is also online, not the channels we watch in a regular TV. Sitting and watching TV, fighting for remote to watch the most awaited match or the twist in our serials or the recipe which we can miss easily if we don't concentrate. It is nostalgic. Now is the time to go back in time again. Forget your laptops and computers and phones (after reading my article 😉). Go, have a cup of tea in the evening with your family watching TV. Go back, thoughts and feelings can do that. Get nostalgic.


Hmmm, I know we are all connected through social media and all but I am talking about the real connection. Connect with your long lost friends who you have not spoken to for a really long time. Get the 3rd POINT, I meant Nostalgic (was checking whether you are reading my article carefully😉😜, excuse me for this lame thing I did 😎🤣😎). And, what I meant with reconnect was, reconnect with the people around you, even those with whom you are namesake friends on social media with an occasional festival wish or birthday wish. Talk and talk for hours. You have all the time in the world along with the rest of the world.


Most of us are from the previous decade. The decade where we could not store much in our cameras and had to get the pictures and photos printed before erasing them from our camera. You all will definitely have albums. Go through your albums. Relate to the time gone by. Talk about the big incidents behind a single photo. I'm sure you will have an hour long story for a single picture.


You know what.... I'm seeing all the posts and pictures of nature returning to its original form and all the birds and animals moving freely with no chains or shackles. Well this is a sign of nature rebooting, that is what all the posts say and so do I. Nature has been recovering. I know you are at your homes unable to go outside. But just open a window or a door which opens to greenery or the sky. Close your eyes and listen to the birds, open your eyes and see the flowers blooming or the beautiful birds around you. Animals are rejoicing, plants are rejoicing. So, rejoice with them, rejoice with nature. See what the nature is doing to itself, feel it. You will, in no time, fall in love with it again.


I have written how nature is rebooting or rather rejoicing. Now, I am talking about YOU!! Yes, everyone were living in machine mode, mechanical mode, the button of us rebooting was somewhere lost around the whole routine we have, the same, old routine. Well, now you will find the reboot button. It will automatically pop up. Where you may ask? In your brain, I say. Clear your thoughts, clear the clutter. Stress entangled with rest and memories and all the other nonsense and sensible stuff. Break the clutter, untangle the wires in your brain and get them to their original pods. It is important and luck has favoured it.

I know I said crisp but crisp does not always mean to be crisp. It can be soggy at parts and hard at some ends. I know these are 7 odd points but these are the thoughts that I have penned down to share with you guys. Hopefully, you have read it and not gone to take rest after obeying the first point 😂😉😜.

Let's see how things take their course. Till then enjoy, take care, stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.

Will come back for more. And I'm not telling thank you, I know you wouldn't mind because you are my friends 😎.