Okay, the topic I am going to speak about is something everybody talks about but no one does anything about it. That is what has been happening. In the recent times, we are facing many problems but we are doing nothing about it. Sharing posts on Facebook, putting memes on Instagram is not going to contribute anything towards solving these problems even if they are, people don't recognize it.

Water is a source of life. People die if there is no water for a long period of time. It is not that we do not have enough water on Earth. We have enough water to sustain 10 generations atleast till these generations start using water in a sustainable manner for the next 10 generations and so on. This is what is being taught in schools.

Is this the only thing we need to know about water?

Ok, sustainability is something which is necessary in today's life. But more important than that is conservation.

If you have nothing, what will you sustain upon?

I know I am going a bit into Environmental Studies but just keep reading, you will get to know as you keep reading.

Water is a source of life and should be conserved. This is what everyone keeps telling. But no one talks about why we got to this stage. I'll tell you what the reason is. It is us, I am including myself too in these catastrophic conditions we have created and keep blaming each other about.

Water is no one's property. If it was, we could have created rain and there would be no drought ridden places in the entire world.

But it is not. Rivers were there when earth was formed. We were not there at that time. Slowly, people started evolving. We started learning things. All along the river sides. Ancient schools (I am not talking only about India, so do not make an issue out of it) were set beside rivers. There was serenity and an unknown peace when you learn something sitting beside a creation of nature.

Evolution started taking a fast pace then. People got to know more and more as the population grew. They started naming the rivers for geographical needs. Completly fine till here.

Now the problem begins. People started to overthink. The thoughts of power and authority came into their minds which polluted their minds so much that they started polluting water.

You know, geographical boundaries and names given to water bodies became political. The fight for power and the "Property" issues started coming into the picture. Now, instead of schools we see factories beside water bodies owned by the "Authoritative Figures" of a country.

You know when things go out of control, people, the common man needs to step forward and take a decision to make things right. It is high time we do something. I know even I am not contributing anything towards conservation of water by writing this article. But yes, just like the posts on Facebook and memes on Instagram, I am trying to change people's thoughts about this matter.

Authority has responsibility with it. But we have people who have authority but are irresponsible ( sorry if anyone is hurt or angry about this, but it is just my opinion, maybe true, maybe not).

High Time common man steps up. Do not care about the rules. Try to go out of line to get things in line. Break the rules but in a proper manner for a good cause(pay taxes, do not stop doing that if you feel it is good to not pay to get out of line😉) . I know you might think it is easy to say but difficult to do but there are people who are doing this while I am writing this article and you are reading it. There are people who don't care about politics and geographical boundaries to save something precious.

Water is something everyone needs. I know everyone is selfish because of the entire competition thing happening so let me say it in your own words.

Even if you do not care about the people living out there, care about your own family. See what days have come. We have to use family sentiments in order to get things done which do not even need these sentiments.

Save water. Have seen many suffer but do not want to see the entire world suffer.

Happy Weekend!



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