Why Valentine’S Day Is So Overrated

Gayatri Menon
Feb 09, 2019   •  70 views

It is that time of the year again. The time when every single person feels miserable about them self. The time chocolate and teddy bear companies (weirdly) make a lot of money.

Yep, you guessed it right. It is the most romantic week of the year.

One week of torture where couples show others how much they love each other buying them teddy bears (How romantic)

This one week where after saving up all your money since so long, you just low them off on your partner because you couldn’t find any better use for the money. Gifting from one Sunday till the next, it is a very tedious task.

The week starts with rose day and goes on with chocolate day and teddy day up to finally, Valentine’s Day.

For people who are genuinely together, they do not need a specific day for being appreciated or shown love because every day would be so.

It is such a pointless holiday that lets only greeting card industries earn some revenue.

It makes people who are not in a relationship feel sad and unloved which is really not the case. This holiday glorifies that relationships complete an individual but in reality, you do not need a relationship to complete or define you, it is just a part of your life.

It is also a stressful day for those who are in a relationship to live up to the expectations of their partner in terms of gifts and other ways of showing love.

It also fixes the roles of particular genders and limits them to behave in a certain way that is allowed and accepted by the society. It causes restriction and creates self-doubt in the minds of the ones in their relationship.

In the end, Valentine’s week is just a smart way for the industries to make money. This holiday could almost be considered commercial and the pressure to be original and be creative is too much for those in a relationship.

While those who are single feel sad and miserable about their life because of this one day where love is depicted as something it is not and exaggerated very much.

No matter what, your love should be celebrated everyday and not just on February 14th especially not to show others but for your own happiness.