Why, Being A Mumbaikar Is An Emotion

Be it having Vadapav or Chinese at 2AM, living in Mumbai has got its perks that cannot be compared to living anywhere else.

“Mumbai ki baarish, yaha ke log” all of it is magical.

The people who live here have a very different approach. From actors to homeless, from rich to rags, from South Indians to North Indians, Mumbai is home to all.

As a person who has lived here my entire life, I can say that there is NO place like Mumbai.

Having chai with biscuit or having Pav bhaji at Juhu Chowpatty, eating panipuri from the streets to having a buffet at J.W. Marriot, the food here makes the soul happy.

The architecture in Fort, Colaba to the graffiti walls in Carter Road, you’ll find the most colourful train stations here.

The bipolar weather of Mumbai is something that makes it so unique.

Winters in Mumbai are said to be nonexistent compared to the north and as much as I would like to agree, we all wear two layers the moment the temperature drops below 28 degrees.

The city that never sleeps is also the city where people come to make their dreams true. Mumbai has the most versatile crowd and creativity in abundance.

This city celebrates every religion equally and unabashedly from Holi to Eid to Diwali to Lohri and many more.

The streets of this city are never empty and you can never go hungry here even if you are on a budget. The Khao galis serving amazing food at steal prices will always have your back.

Unity is never an issue because the people come together to help and support anyone in need, be it pride march, March for justice or anything.

The residents always feel welcome and at home because that’s the nature of this city that is always alive and full of energy.

Cricket is a religion for everyone living here. Bollywood movies at Maratha mandir cannot be missed. The vibes here will make sure you never want to leave. Once you adapt to living in this busy city and learn travelling in the overcrowded local trains and buses, it will never let you leave.

From having the best night life in the entire country to celebrating every occasion, Mumbai gives us the energy to face every situation.

The city has seen its share of hardships, disappointments and hazards. But it still stands firmly and continues to be a home and dream to many.

From the horrible traffic to the most cracked roads, all of this is worth living in this beautiful city.

Aamchi Mumbai is the best.

Yours truly,

Proud Mumbaikar