To Be Or Not To Be: Social Media

Gayatri Menon
Jan 15, 2019   •  85 views

Most of us use multiple the social media platforms nowadays.

But has there been a time where you just wanted to throw your phone on the wall because you realised you wasted a lot of time scrolling on your phone?

Welcome to the 21st century.

The pressures to be on social media and to keep up with everyone, watch them upload stories about their amazing life while we prepare for exams is not fair. Who said life is fair? Nobody on social media ever.

That kind of pressure is still easier to manage compared to the pressure of quitting social media to focus on your work and your fingers itch to upload a story or check Instagram.

Now that is madness.

For someone who is addicted to using their phones and social media, it will be the end of the world to quit that and focus on other things because they tend to keep thinking about the same.

And those who are being pressurised to put their life into an online diary where you will get judged, projected to hate and a lot of creepy comments.

To those who are affected by the negativity from social media, remember life is too short to worry about what people who exist in a free app on your phone think of you.

But what’s more fun than showing others what you ate for breakfast, lunch & dinner and looking at what Taimur wore that day.

Challenges faced by people who are trying to quit is that they get distracted and are obsessed with capturing every moment. It seems like the phone is living a better life than them at this point.

Now, wanting to click pictures and capture memories are fine, but don’t forget to enjoy whatever you are doing and wherever you are just because you were too busy trying to get the perfect snapchat.

Before you spam your friends, remember that everything done in moderation and balance works better than too much of one thing.

Use the time you spend on social media to work on yourself, have exciting experiences, catch up with friends or any of that.

In conclusion, I think all of us should preach this quote “Stop looking at the world through your cell phone screen, have a real experience.”

Remember, there’s a lot more to this life other than the number of likes & followers on social media and much more of seizing the day and just giving it your absolute best.

Yours truly,

Social Media addict (ironically, I wrote this one my phone)