The Struggles Of Being A Vegetarian

Gayatri Menon
Feb 10, 2019   •  74 views

“Paneer samaj ke khaa ja”
Every vegetarian is familiar with this line because that is all they hear when they out to eat with their non-vegetarian friends.

The experiences you have when you are the only vegetarian in your group are hilarious.
Any new friend who comes out with you asks you “Are you a vegetarian? You don’t look like one”
How do you LOOK vegetarian? Wear plants and walk around?

The two types of vegetarians that exist: Pure vegetarian and the one who eats non-veg gravy but no pieces.

The question that follows that is, you drink but you do not eat non-veg? Well, that is the case apparently.

All the non-vegetarians make it a point to tell you the amazing stuff you are missing out on. They will force you to try non veg just like nobody’s business.

The non-vegetarians will do anything for you if you ask them in favour of you trying out non veg. Anything other than forcing you to eat it, obviously.

They make fun of Veg biryani since there is no such thing as veg biryani. It is pulao.

I have this one friend who is a vegetarian, but she does not like paneer. And the most asked question is “You are a vegetarian and you don’t like paneer. What do you eat other than that?”

“Ghaas se what energy do you get” because all you see in their plate is leaves.
Going to KFC and eating vegetarian food is the saddest thing ever. More than the judgemental aunties, our friends judge us.

And the question about whether you get enough protein just by eating ghaas, is inevitable.
“Paise bacha tu veg khaake ” ha bhai zaroori hai kya.
You are attacked when they say “Plants are also living, you are killing them. What about that?”
There are times when your friends say there is egg in something just because they do not want to share and all you can do is just stare at them.

Finally, the bargain saying “ande toh khaa le” is annoying AF.
The life of a hardcore non vegetarian involves a lot of protein and during the days of Navratri or other days of fasting, the non vegetarians just lose their cool and understand the life of a vegetarian.

The roles get reversed during those days and it is the happiest time for being a vegetarian.
In the end, food is food and that is what unites us and it is the best thing in this world. Be it paneer or chicken, it is all about eating delicious food and having the time of your life while doing so.