The Difference Between Us And The Newer Generations

Gayatri Menon
Feb 09, 2019   •  74 views

In the future, will be flying cars or robots doing all the work for us? If yes, then we have some serious explaining to do to our kids about how we lived our life as kids.

Questions like “what did you play with, if you did not have a phone?” or “What is snakes and ladders?”

In a world that is advancing not only technologically but also in the way we live our lifestyles. The newer generations are going to get every facility at their fingertips and they would not even have to work hard for it as we did.

Our parents yelling at us to fill up water bottles or making us help them clean the car will be unknown to these kids.

None of them could survive in a world without wifi, processed food and accessibility.
We were made to work hard to get whatever we want. Laziness was always frowned upon, but nowadays, laziness is accepted as a part of our lifestyle.

The memories of us searching every corner of the library to get answers for our assignments, to waking up early to listen to our favourite radio show every day.

The good old days when technology had just started to come into the lives of common people, owning a TV would make you a star.

The only channel that was available on TV was Doordarshan. Those bad reception channels, the black and white pictures and the crowd that gathered to watch it together was something nobody would forget.

Even though technology brought so much development, it made us forget how to live and have real experiences. People just like to experience things through their cell phone screen nowadays.

Always having air conditioners is normal now but it was always a luxury for us while growing up. As kids, we were taught the importance of money and how we need to responsible spenders and save as much as we can. But from the way I see things going, the generation kids do not value anything.

We were trained to have a grateful and respectful attitude towards everything in life and appreciate whatever we have. But in a world where materialism is favoured so much, everyone wants more and more now and even after having everything, nobody is satisfied. The grateful attitude is nonexistent.

I hope the newer generations could experience all of what we did when we were growing up, because the purpose of life was not just making money, but finding happiness in small moments and making life worth living.