Farewells are always an emotional day for everyone.
For the people who do not like change (like me) it is the worst. Having to say goodbyes to the people you have spent so many years with, is very daunting.

Thinking about all be memories you created with your school friends and realising that all of it is coming to an end was something that I could not process. That is exactly why I continued my junior college in my school. I just wanted two more years to be the kid I am and live life recklessly without having any responsibilities.

My college farewell was probably a wakeup call for me when I realised that none of us are kids anymore and we have grown up. Leaving behind those memories of bunking classes, getting yelled at by teachers and crazy load of homework and deadline, was painful but I realised that change is inevitable and I was ready for the next step of my life.

And the next step was: Getting a college degree and making a career for myself.
Once I joined college, I realised how students are on a journey of their own where they were trying to achieve and build something for themselves and prove something. Unlike school, nobody cared about what you were doing with your life or why. They were just busy with their own lives.

People came and went when I was in college and that is when the phrase”Quality, not quantity” made sense to me. I had a lot of friends but very few people who would be there for me till the end of time. But I did find some friends for life that I wouldn’t trade with anything.

Many lessons were learned and situations were experienced. I got a real taste of how the outside world works. Some people seem to care too much while others do not care at all. Everything was in the extremes. Not that I was complaining. I was enjoying the freedom and exposure a lot. The time to say goodbyes were back again and that was not fun.

Learning how to let go and accept change was a difficult thing for me to learn. Instead of looking at the end of a journey that way, get excited because you are starting a new one and there might be many surprises waiting for you in that journey.