New Years Eve And Why It Is So Hyped?

Gayatri Menon
Feb 07, 2019   •  74 views

Since western culture influences us so much, it has also made us create such a buzz about the end of the year.

People are more excited thinking about how they will celebrate 31st of December rather than getting excited for the coming year.

Almost every movie shows the unrealistic ways people have the best New Years Eve and that raises the expectations of the people. They try to create such a scenario and live up to the expectations.

But in reality, New Year's Eve and its hype is just a meaningless buzz created by the society to end the year with a blast and even begin one the same way. But that does not necessarily mean that one has to spend tons of money and go all out.

31st December is that one day where the entire world parties and celebrates, so the minute you get out of the house, there will be crowd everywhere. On top of that, every place charges extremely high prices for entry making it very difficult for youngsters with a budget to celebrate there.

Not everyone likes to low off their saving for just one night of celebration. And some who are against the notion of going all out on the eve ask,”What are we celebrating again? The end of a shitty year?”

The preparations for this day start long back. People start sending out invites, ladies go all out and look for the perfect outfits, guys just enquire if there is enough booze available.

People who throw house parties are one of the smart ones. It is the best way to avoid the crazy crowd, have a great time with your close ones and save a ton of cash.

House parties were so underrated until last year, but now it seems much more convenient and so much better.

People can enjoy in the comfort of their own house and celebrate without getting trampled by the number of people who show up at the clubs and restaurants.

More than anything, New Year's Eve is a day where everyone should look back on their year and retrospect about how the year has been. Reminiscing about the good memories and learning from the bad ones.

Surviving an entire year definitely calls for celebration but it does not have to limit you to end the year in any particular way. You should sleep all the way into the next year if that is what you what to do.