Hot Mess Of A Life And How To Manage It

Gayatri Menon
Jan 12, 2019   •  87 views

Is your life a hot mess? Is there too much happening in your life that you cannot control? Then welcome to the real world, it sucks but you will love it.

As a millennial, we are expected to keep up with the exceedingly high expectations of our parents, relatives, friends and the society.

We are expected to be academically inclined, have an exciting group of friends, participate in extracurricular activities, develop a hobby and a lot more. And if you have some energy left, have some time to yourself.

It’s not easy to live such a life, but it comes with our lifestyle. There comes too much pressure in this world filled with unrealistic expectations and everyone hoping to live a magical life.

If you manage to not have any breakdowns while balancing and living your life how other’s tell you to, then to add to the pressure, get ready to answer questions like” beta, results kab hai?” or “beta, shaadi kab kar rahe ho?” and if you manage to tackle these questions, then you win at life (Seriously!)

All of us wish if we could just watch Netflix and just laze around in our beds avoiding all our social obligations.

As fun as it is to be a slob, it is very important to have all the aspects of your life in balance since each aspect satisfies particular needs of yours and makes your life much more fulfilling.

So here are some suggestions on how to manage your mess of a life:

1.Time management is your best friend. If you allot time for each activity, it will make your work easier.

2.Make a checklist of tasks to complete and prioritise the ones of utmost importance followed by the rest.

3.Try not to procrastinate.

4.Try to finish your least favourite task first so that you will not be able to put off the task for later.

5.Enjoy whatever you do and try not to take pressure just because you are expected to live in a certain way according to the society.

In conclusion, as difficult as it may be to balance everything in your life, it is possible. That, or just try to live life the way you like to and not let the society’s judgement on your life affect the way you live it.

Since you only have one life, just be happy, make it memorable and make sure you have no regrets.

Maybe someone will discover hacks on how to escape the judgement of society. From the type of clothes you wear, who your guy friend is to what you watch in your house on the laptop you purchased from your hard earned money that you earned by working in an organisation filled with another set of judgemental people.

We love growing up, don’t we?