Friends Is Not Just A Tv Show, It Is A Lifestyle.

Gayatri Menon
Feb 10, 2019   •  65 views

So no one told you life was gonna be this way?
If you clapped, then you are a true friends fan.

Ten seasons of laughter, emotion and showing how friends turn into family, it is the perfect sitcom to watch.

The most amusing part about this show is the fact that even though it was released in the late 90s; it is still very relatable to watch even in 2019.

It not only shows the lives of those in a humorous way, but also makes sure that issues like surrogacy, single parenthood and adoption are highlighted for awareness.

Along with this, the show taught us how to live our life happily without any regrets.
They teach us about life, love, jobs and how to feel amazing the way we are.

Joey taught me that it is alright to struggle in my career and life but not lose hope and keep trying. He showed us that no matter what, if you work hard for what you are passionate about, you will get there. He showed us the importance of being a good friend.

Phoebe taught me that even after living such a difficult life, someone could be happy and have a happy ending. She made me unapologetic about the way I am and embrace my awesomeness.

Ross taught us that love is hard and it is not for everyone. But he kept going and finally found his lobster. He taught us the importance of loving family and cherishing our close ones.

Rachel taught me that change is good. She made us understand the importance of being independent and the process of getting there. She taught all of us to believe in ourselves to achieve our goals.

Chandler taught me that it is okay to have flaws as long as we accept it and embrace them. He made sure that we make fun of ourselves and take a break from our serious lives.

Monica made me learn the importance of organising and taught me that if I believed in myself, I do not need anyone else’s opinion. She made me trust my instincts and look out for myself.

Without these six friends, I would not have learned some of the most important values in my life. They are the best set of friends that anybody could have.

Could this BE any more emotional?