When he learns about his own body parts and learn to respect others' too, he learns how to deal with this most important life process, he becomes a gentleman. Morally he becomes the inspiration.

If you think by giving sex education schools are introducing sex to these young kids in an inappropriate way, then its an illogical thought in your mind.

Sex is all over. This is an important part of our life. Through this process we are able to reproduce. This comes to everyone's life. Sex is scientifically known as coupulation or sperm-ovum interaction. Children should learn before hand ( before going in wrong path ) from friends , parents , teachers and society. If these elder people like parents and teachers are not going to teach them about sex, they are going to find other ways to discover about it, even though you try to control them not to get knowledge of it. .

Control and restriction may lead them to develop more curiosity which will further result in exposure to pornographic influence and adversely it is going to teach them how individuals feels and find other images to know what is this thing? They won't be able to understand the real reason behind it. They will try to do it themselves for experience. They need to be taught in a polite and educative way so that they are going to see this as just a life process not a pleasure. Through teaching, teen pregnancies can also be stopped.

We all study. The subjects includes history, geography, english, science, calculus etc. Why? Because we know geography will teach us about various places present in this world and history will let us know about the previous hard works of our ancestors, science will teach us every single practical implementation in our life, then why not education includes sex education? Yes, we are not going to teach about how to do sex, it's just a scientifical and natural process through which everyone has to go at least once their life. We just need to know it's requirement, need, pros, cons, HIV, and contraceptives, so that children undergoing adolescence will never be hesitant in asking their doubts for the good and bad outcomes due to sex. So that they can become good human being. There sex education is also important as our other subjects in school.

Morals should be taught first in home. If not parents then at least an elder sibling or cousin can make their younger siblings understand 'what the sex is about and why is it exist for?' They should not be sheltered from how the world sees sex and feeling ashamed to share such education is another controversial topic.

Some may even think that there are condoms which can be used which will protect them from everything but it's a very rare case that condoms are proved to be protective. So they also need to be taught about all these materials, STDs and if these precautions are really safe everytime.

Education is very important as saying goes " Little knowledge is dangerous ". So having all the ideas and wisdom with better knowledge will make a person a good human being. Sex education is very essential like any other subjects. Since biology is a part where we study about reproductive process, a teacher should always be ready to make students understand with better words and good way of teaching method .

Students- Their actions only can benefit them or destroy them. They should know what's wrong and what's right.